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  • How much land?

    Hi everyone. I have 10 years left in the Army before my retirement, but I am looking to purchase about 80 acres of land in SC now and just sit on it for retirement. I have been trying to think of ways to use the land while I am finishing up my career.

    How much land do I really need to make it worthwhile for a hunter to pay to use it?

    How many hunters could the land support safely at the same time?

    Could I get some examples of what some of you guys are paying to your clubs and what you get for your money?

    Would it be a problem if I didn't see the land but about once a year if I got a hunting relative to manage it for me? What could go wrong?

    Thanks for any info ahead of time!

    Yo kdye 101,

    I have belonged to four different hunt clubs over the last 20 years, and they ranged from 3 to 20 members. Since all land does not support deer, we averaged about 80-100 acres per hunter, and I have paid from $300 to $500 a year to hunt, and this may or may not include a camp site or food plots.

    As far as a relative managing your land, that would depend on the relative and their knowledge in land management and agriculture. What could go wrong? I do not know, but you can bet that it will cost you money to fix!
    I'm with Teach. I've always thought two people could comfortably hunt about 80 acres. If you can pick up a piece that size and have someone manage for you a few years until you get there, I think you'll be fine. Just make sure the posted signs are out.