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  • You Are Not Going To Believe This!

    Wow what a day! First off THANK YOU GOD!

    My morning started off in the frosty ground blind on the edge of a huge soy bean field. The land owner has sold the lumber rights to this land to a timber company. This is the field I always hunt that is bordered on 2 sides by cut over and 2 sides are old timber with the entrance to the field by a tractor crossing.

    Well the timber company has been hard at it and the cut over is now the old timber. Needless to say the deer have gone nocturnal but, I figured I'd give it a try anyway.

    Well around 9am I hear dogs coming from behind me on another property. I hear them crossing the road coming my way and know in 2 minutes they will be on me. I get out of the blind and at the far end of the field 225 yards away a 7 point buck comes bounding into the field. My 270WSM scope has been off and I thought I had it dialed back in but, guess what I missed the shot. 2 minutes later a doe comes out and I miss her. Now I'm really bummed at my scope. I know it's not me because these are gimme shots.

    That pretty much ended my morning. It ended up that I knew the guys running the dogs and unlocked the gate so they could come get their dogs. They said they ran a 10 pointer in but, all I saw was the 7 and a doe. I decided to go to my buddies house, site my gun in and come back for the afternoon. Stay with me this gets better.

    Afterwards I was shooting at my friends 200 yard rifle range set up behind his house out in the country. I realize my BUSHNELL 3200 ELETE scope is majorly jacked up. One shot on, the next shot 10 inches off.....12 shots worth at 3.00 bucks a round! I mean I was firing up the woods behind the target.

    I decided to change the scope to my Bushnell Legend scope off my 35 caliber. I took a 15 minute break to do that.....walk back out on the range to see how it shoots. I figured I would start in close so as not to waste as many rounds. I pulled out my range finder to check the target distance and while I'm looking through the range finder I see 3 or 4 deer slipping through the woods behind the target.

    I'm thinking this scope isn't sighted in yet....well lets see how close it is. I had one round in the chamber walked up about 30 yards to where I see a big doe has stopped 70 yards deep in the woods. I can see a perfect 14 inch hole through the thick brush....I level on her shoulder and fire.......BAM! I can see all the branches from the time the bullet entered the woods to the time it flew 12 inches over her head cutting down branches. Get this......she just stands there. Now I need another bullet....they're 30 yards back behind me. I run back load another back up to the spot where I can see into the woods and she's still standing there.....OMG! I knew I shot high the first shot and my right and left seemed good so I can't adjust the scope so I aim just under her chest and BAM! She hits the dirt back in the woods.

    My buddy is baby sitting his two beautiful little girls in the house. I'm thinking he won't believe this. I start to his house 50 yards away and he's coming out the door saying....what in the heck are you doing. He said I see you back and back to the target squat and shoot again! I told him dude....I just shot a doe. He can't believe me.

    I walk him to the target area.....jump the 6 foot wide, 4 foot deep creek.....walk into the woods about 50 yards to where I saw her go down.....and not only is she there but there are two dead deer! TWO! The first shot was a complete miss. The second shot I never even saw the second deer but as sure as I'm bald...2 dead deer! The first doe got it high through the back bone and the second one in the head.

    My cousin Jade showed up after to shoot her gun. She was my understudy last year as some might remember. So I spent a couple of hours working with her and her shooting, before heading to the house. Stay with me it gets way way better.

    I go home after cleaning the deer , and I did give one to my buddy for range! Plus he had his hands full being a great Dad, while mommy worked on a Saturday. I tell my wife....lets go to the Turkey Shoot down the road that the local church is putting on because I am feeling blessed today.

    We go to the turkey shoot and they have a Win A New Gun Board. $30.00 a shot, only 10 shooters and everyone has to shoot the new gun! I told my wife what the heck....God blessed me so far today and I need a Turkey gun. The gun is a Remington 870 Express pump action 12 gauge. Guess who won the gun....yep....Viper! All I can say is God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

    Everything seemed to be going against me this morning but, I pushed on and had a good attitude about everything....and God Blessed me!
    Are you kidding me!!
    That's stuff you just can't make up. That was a good day. Hope you picked up some lottery tickets...
    Dang brother sounds like me with the ml. Congratulations on the kills. Sounds like an experience you'll never forget. Wonder what's wrong with that Bushnell Elite? That's the same thing I use on my .270 and love it. Hope you get it all worked out.
    Bushnell 3200 Elite
    I bought this scope after reading the reviews because I was worried about the shock the 270WSM would give it. My first heads up was my cousin had one on his .243. He was missing deer at 60 yards and would re-sight it and it would happen again. He sent his back to Bushnell, they tweaked it and sent it back. One or two times it worked well and then started getting off again. Mine has been on the 270WSM for about 3 years now and has always been fine until the past couple of weeks. I re-sighted it twice in the last 2 or 3 weeks and one minute it will hit on the money and the very next shot be 14 inches off.

    HELP......has anyone else had this experience? I need to make a post and have a survey of what the better scopes are without breaking the bank. I like having the 3 x 9 x 50 and fog proof!
    I got a leupold VX 111, 4 years ago and i love it.
    I agree wth hunter4...go wth leupold viper theyre pricy but you want regret it...get the vx111 series though
    See I told You....Follow my lead and Do what I do because thats the Best way LOL...Man,what a Day....As far as Bushnell Scopes...I Hate THEM!!! I had the same Problem with a Elite but it was on my brothers 30/30 he loaned me several years ago when all my Guns got stolen..I missed 3 deer in a Hour and thought...Dead On my A*S!!! I called him and he said 'Yeah since you mentioned it, it does do that at times' I thought 'You Fruitloop, What good is that?' I bought a New Box of shells and 'Tried' to re-sight it in and even though I didn't like it any better, It was all I had and I was Gonna Hunt..With or Without a Scope...Well very next Morning I go back to the stand I done shot up and sure enough a Wide Heavy 7 Pointer (The 1 mounted over my right shoulder in profile picture) that I seen during Bow season and had written off as dead comes through the thicket...I think 'Lord, Please Guide this Bullet'..I hold DEAD center (with a Rest) to give me as much Target as I can get and BOOOOM!! The Shot? Cut his Chest open under the heart so in other words 'Pure LUCK!!!...As for Best Scopes for the Money....SIMMONS AETEC!!! I have them on all my Guns...I will say the OLDER Aetecs are the BEST!!! Bright Bright Scope...I purchased a Newer Aetec 'Master Series' and it was Not even Close to the older Aetecs...Check have GREAT Deals all the Time!!!
    Scope problems
    Bite the bullet and buy a Sworavski, They have reasonable prices on close outs on the A 1 inch series or the 30mm PH series since the new Z or zoom scopes have replaced them. Same optics just don't have as much magnification range. Only bad thing is when you miss you only have yourself to blame. Purchased my first one twenty years ago and I still would not take the price I paid for it.
    Thanks for the input. I guess it's down to Luepold or Sworavski. I have always heard to put your money into the scope not the gun if you're on a budget!
    sounds like a good day
    sounds like you had an awsome day. my morning was about the same... saw 4 does, called in a nice buck with the bleat call. took a shot at 80 yd with the black powder... hit him, he didnt tuck his tail. ran maybe 60 yds stopped and started flagging. and wheezing. weird. i turned the can call over again and he took off a little ways then i heard crashing. figured he was dead. went to where he ws flagging and wheezing and found good blood. bright red and foamy like a lung hit. but other than that couldnt find anything. found probably 4 drops with in 150yds and then a couple more drops another 70 yds away. i have no idea what i did. the initial blood seems like a lung shot but he wouldnt of went that far if that was the case. i looked with a budby for 2 hours, searching the whole area. guess ill look for the buzzards in a few days.
    He's dead
    Hey Mac86, Brother don't give up on this Buck...I have seen some crazy things with Black-Powder Shot deer...I can think of 4 without even trying including mine this year where NO SIGN of a Hit was found and the deers were Dead within 50 yards...I think alot of it has to do with How long your Gun is loaded before the shot because I remember thinking the day that I killed mine as I sat the Gun in the corner 'I'll be Lucky to hit one if I do see any' because I could see where rust was starting to form down the barrel from where the Gun had been Loaded for 7 days...I don't shoot mine at the end of each day.....Good Luck and Stick with it and believe in your shot....I'll be looking for your Post.
    i agree..
    i totally agree with ya there... ive seen some crazy stuff happen w the black powder too. i sot a doe on sat and hit her dead in the neck where i was aiming so i know its on. the only problem with where i hunt is thats its on government land and if the particular area isnt open you cant go in there. i shot him today and its not open tomorrow so its a waiting game. i have no doubt hes dead but down here near the coast its so thick you cant see 10 feet ahead of you.infact i jumped a fork horn today and he didnt go 10 feet we played a sneaking game with each other for over 20 minutes when i finally got in a clearing and saw him. he was 10 yds away looking at me. i would of loved to find the buck but i will be the first to admit it wont be the first one ive lost! worse case i get the rack. its gonna be in the 70s tomorrow so the meat wont be good. sucks that its wasted but the yotes and bears wil get a meal.
    What A Fantastic Day For You!
    Great story, and what a fantastic day! You took two good eating does, and got a shotgun? Heck yes! It's stories like these that just make me want to Tebow. I'm going to Tebow for you Viper.
    Sounds like a awesome day Viper!! That is how it goes sometimes. We go from down in the valley to walking in the clouds.....
    your head
    I need some luck. maybee you should set up a booth for head rubs for luck.LOL
    Cold Feet
    Hey ColdFeet.....I don't know about head rubs but, I do have a slightly soiled lucky horse shoe for! Thanks!
    Unbelievable have some of the craziest day you are shooting 6 rounds down range at a doe who decides to never move and miss every time and the next you accidentally kill two does while siting in your rifle?? LOL Crazy stuff! Then to go and win a gun. Like the others said I hope you got a lottery ticket lol. Im waiting for my turn to come around, I have a crappy morning and will go back out with my head held high and have a crappy evening lol but I know one of these days it'll come around to me. Congratulations on a great day!!
    Bad to good
    Unreal! Man you had a day to remember. Lucky dog.