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  • Monster Kingstree 9 Point 225lbs

    On the morning of October 20 we got up real early and made our way out to the hunt club in Kingstree, SC. I was hunting with five friends that morning and I was going to be sitting with my friend Matt. We decided before we got out there that whoever saw the deer first got to shoot em. When we got to the stand we were gonna be hunting my friends dad realized he had forgot his and his sons rifles at the house, so we sat in the trucks with the heater running and waited for him to get back. Fifteen minutes later he showed back up and we decided I should sit in a different stand since the trucks had been running so long near the one I was planning on sitting. At this point I wasn't feeling good about the hunt because this new stand rarely got hunted and only had one o.k. buck on camera. It was a good looking stand overlooking a bean field and off in one corner it had a corn feeder but it had never really produced, however this was soon to become my favorite stand. We had barely got settled in before I spotted a MONSTER coming out of the woods behind the feeder right at the ass crack of dawn. I knew immediately this was a shooter. Seeing as how I saw it before my buddy, I got to take it, so I raised my rifle up and checked him out. At this club it has to be an 8+ point buck to take it, so I counted the points one side and figured that it had to be good enough. We only saw him for about ten seconds but by god it felt like ten minutes waiting for him to get clear of the feeder. He put his nose in the air and started sniffin, so i knew i had to get him before he winded us. With one shot from 70 yards with my Savage 270 into it's chest the thing dropped. We climbed down bout five minutes later to go check it out and he started thrashing around on the ground so I dropped to one knee and popped him again, this time finishing him off. The processor we took it to said it was the heaviest deer ever brought in there in 25 years of business; weighing in at 225 lbs with a 24 inch neck,it was a beast ruttin hard. It had a 21 inch inside spread and the taxidermist rough scored it in the 130's. This is by far the biggest deer i have ever taken and is gonna look great hanging on my wall. My buddy Matt is still pissed I go to take it and not him.

    (Ive got more pictures on the digital camera this is just off the cell phone)