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  • Ray's Mosquito Free Venison Loin

    Ray’s Mosquito Free Venison Loin~

    You start with a clean shot on a 100-pound doe, making an instant kill. Process quickly and hang the meat until ready for cutting. Take out the backstraps (loins) and cut them into three sections, seven to eight inches long. Trim the loins clean on all sides with a filet knife, removing all of the protective layers. This should leave you with a nice piece of venison that looks like it came straight from the butcher.

    Now for the good stuff. Find a container big enough for the three loins and all the sauces. Put the loins in and pour on the sauce:
    * Wishbone Greek Vinaigrette Dressing
    * Ken’s Steakhouse Marinade and Sauce (Honey Teriyaki)
    * French’s Extra Tenderizing Worcestershire Sauce
    * Allegro Original Marinade
    Use equal parts of each to make the marinade. Let sit on the counter to soak while you prepare the stovetop and the oven.

    Preheat oven to 500 degrees; set the stovetop to 9 or 10 (almost “high” on some stoves)

    Remove the loins from the marinade and place them on a paper plate so that you can roll them in Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning. Leave on plate ready to sear.

    In an oven ready frying pan (with a metal handle) add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and wait until it starts to bubble and barely starts to smoke, then add a pat of real butter. Stand back as it crackles. Lift the pan and swirl to mix the two. Quickly add all three loins to the pan so that they are not touching, and sear the edges on all sides of the meat. You should be getting a crispy, blackened-looking sear, and the loins will bulge a little.
    Make sure to roll the loins around in the oil to sear all sides of the meat, then remove the pan from the stovetop and place in the 500-degree oven for four minutes – three minutes and it’s EXTRA RARE, four minutes PERFECT and five minutes and it’s OVERDONE. Remove the pan from the oven and set the meat aside to cool at least three minutes – I usually can’t wait that long. While the meat is cooling, take the hot pan with the seared goodness on the bottom and place it on the stove top on about “6” or medium heat. Add about one-third cup of milk and a tablespoon or so of flour. Wisk the flour into the milk and make sure to get the clumps out so that your gravy will be smooth and delicious. Bring to a quick boil and remove from the heat while stirring to keep it from burning.
    Put your loins on a cutting board and slice them into paper-thin slices, tasting as necessary. Dip the slices in the gravy and taste again. Usually, if there are two or three people in the kitchen you will not need to set the table. The loins will disappear, and the gravy will be wiped clean from the pan. Put the pan back in the cupboard and relax while holding your belly on the couch.
    Heaven on earth! Ray Tallon ~ Mosquito Free Yards, Inc.

    The above photo shows another version of the recipe *Bacon Wrapped Loin

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