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  • First Big Buck

    November 7 Galivants Ferry-This deer is a main frame 8 with a kicker on his G2. He weighed 152lbs with 17in spread. Me an my girlfried(Chelsea) got in the stand at 5:00P.M. and he come out at 5:05. I had just enough time to take my calls out and turn my phone on silent. My girlfriend(Chelsea) waited for him to turn right and shot him. We went and looked for blood and none was found. We went on home thinking she had missed. Then a friend called about a hour later and said lets go look. Well needless to say we got there and looked for about 5 minutes and I found him. She can't wait to see him on the wall.
    Way To Go Chelsea! Very nice first buck. I hope you know most hunters never shoot a buck that nice. Girl Power!

    Now, let your boyfriend shoot!
    Congrats, Chelsea! Just a beautiful buck!

    I'm impressed MossyBack didn't snatch the rifle from her! lol