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  • Big 11 with Drop Tine

    I was hunting with my good friend Bruce Randolph Wednesday morning October 26 on a section of our hunting club in Cherokee County just near Gaffney that is bow hunting only when this giant came walking to me. It was just before 8am and there hadn't been any activity so far, so I decided to give the Primos Can call a try and follow it with a tending grunt series. Sure enough here came a small buck running to me within about 30 yards of the stand, but I quickly noticed that he was looking back behind him. He stopped and stood there just frantically staring back and I knew something was behind him so I continued to wait. It was just a matter of seconds when this giant 11 pointer with a drop tine that green scored 154 and 4/8 inches came walking toward me. The little buck just got out of the way, and I thought this buck was going to walk right in front of me, but instead he stopped behind a tree and some brush like they always seem to do. To make it worse he kept standing there looking then decided he would start walking down hill away from me. I was certain that he was going to walk away and I would never see him again, but fortunately there was one lane that he had to walk through. The buck finally stopped in the lane just slightly over 40 yards away and I ranged him. He was quartering away and I took the first shot thinking I had missed because the deer just sort of walked sideways but didn't react like he'd been hit. I reached for another arrow drew back as the deer turned to look back at me and I sent the next slick trick broadhead through his neck! After sitting for 2 hours I finally got down and found lots of blood and realized both my arrows had stuck him. I called my buddy Bruce and went and picked him up and we came back and walked about 80 yards to the deer. We were both amazed at the size of this buck, and it's definitely a buck of a life time with a bow!
    Stick'em! Buck of a lifetime with a bow? How about Buck of a lifetime period! Nice buck man. The bow just makes it that much better and to say you hit him that can't be topped.

    Thanks for the story....smokin!
    Wow, what a monster! You might be getting an email from one of our writers: We need to get the full story on this buck!
    This deer was definitely unbelievable! We've called him the magnolia monster because our hunting club is magnolia hunting club. I'll be glad to give a full story, so just let me know!
    WOW that is a toad man. Congrats........ MAN VERY NICE BUCK