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  • Need some Pro advice

    Well i guess it was about time. I have hunted for probly 17 years but in the last couple got into bow hunting. I have never killed one with a bow but wednesday the 26th i stuck probly the biggest buck i have ever seen while hunting. A small 8pt chased a doe into my corn pile at 25 yards, then the deer i shot stepped out of the tall grass maybe 100 yards down the field and headed her way. When he was about half way the smaller 8pt buck stepped out and the two bucks started posturing. The bigger deer bristled up as he approached the other buck. They locked up and tickled antlers for just a few seconds and the smaller 8pter hopped off. The bigger deer did a little snort weeze at him to say goodbye and started off after the doe who had ran across the field in the commotion. He trotted in and stopped broadside at 26 yards. I let the arrow fly! I though it looked like a good shot but i heard a thwack when it hit him. He took off like he was hit good. I waited about an hour and couldnt stand it any longer. I followed his blood trail for over 200 yards and ended up jumping him in a thicket where he had bedded down and there was only a little pile of blood. The blood trail was very faint and lost it from time to time. After i jumped him up i left and didnt want to push him anymore. I never found my arrow i guess its still in him. I was shooting a 100 grain rage 2 blade broadhead out of a Barnett crossbow at 325 fps. The only thing i can think is the shot may have been a hair bit forward and lodged into his outgoing shoulder, that may have been the twack i heard. What do you guys think? If the shot was a little bit forward would it be fatal? Should i start checkin the creeks in a day or two to see if he did die?? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
    Keep Hunting
    Ok everybody beat me up now! I would say the sound you described was hitting the shoulder. With a buck that big that rage 2 blade never made it through the shoulder. That buck is walking as we speak, so I would keep hunting.

    If you have or use a trail cam I would put it near where you saw him and see if he shows up. When you get a picture of him with the bolt broken off and the RAGE in his shoulder, you'll know to change to something else.

    Don't get me wrong I hope you find him and yes if it's fatal he'll be near water. Good Luck. I'll say a prayer you find him!
    Keep looking
    Hey bud, if this is the largest buck you have shot and the first one with a bow then I would keep looking. As far as the shot goes, with the speed of a crossbow a shot to the shoulder at 20 something yards should kill the deer eventually. Too bad you went in so soon. We all learn from our mistakes tho. Good luck finding him. At least you will have the antlers now.
    Think Positive
    Wow Mande,First...I'm NOT a Pro at anything BUT...Man,First Bow Kill,Biggest Buck you ever encountered,Marginal Shot....That's ALOT of pressure from the Start...Few things come to mind here...Did you Sight in your Broad-heads? Are you familiar with Rage Expendables? Reason I ask is...Barnetts are 1 of the Hardest Shooting Crossbows on the Market and Trust me...Mechanical Heads 'Can and will' Fly open upon the shot and fly erratic long before they reach the intended Target....Keep in Mind that ANYTHING mechanical CAN Fail...I HATE Them!!! Just something Else to worry with in my Opinion....Don't get caught up in 'What the Pros Use'...The G5 Montec,Muzzy MX3,NAP HellRazor,Thunderheads ETC are Proven performers...I hear every year about Deer Lost with Mechanical Heads BUT...They have Killed thier share also. Remember the Buck I posted last Year that was shot with a Xbow with a...RAGE and 4 days later the Buck showed back up with the Bolt still in his shoulder at the corn? He finally was found Dead but It's Sad he suffered in my to make a Long Story Short...Know your Equipment A to Z..Your taking the Life of a Innocent Animal thats just trying to survive...Not saying you wounded a Deer that will Die a Slow and Painful Death by No Means...It's Bow-Hunting and Things Happen at the heat of the moment...I will Say...HE Is Dead if it makes you feel better but he could still be Very much alive and well with the exception of you jumping him from a bed...Follow your Gut...You said the shot felt GOOD...Go with that and Don't Give up....Alive or Dead....GOOD LUCK and Keep us Posted
    pro advice
    I did feel like the shot was good and have heard good things about the rage broadheads is why i used them. I am very confident in the shot too I have shot that crossbow all summer at various distances and can put 6 bolts into a group the size of a quarter at 25 yards. Its possible he rocked back a bit at the sound of the release or i could have been torn to pieces from the sight of him that i pulled it. It was probly 2 hours after the shot that i jumped him in the bed, if i would have felt that the shot was off i would have definitely gave him more time. I do think i am going to switch to a fixed blade broadhead though. Anybody else have any bad experiences with the rage mechanicals?
    I Haven't shot them myself but have heard my share of Horror stories about them...Rage now has a Crossbow Version that is 'Suppose' to solve the Open upon shot issue but Like I said...Keep it simple...It doesn't take a 2 inch hole to let the air out of a Deer...I would still go back and search and research the area...We owe it to the Game we Kill to try our best to recover each 1...He bedded down for a reason...With a Buck or Doe for that Matter...A Shot that isn't a Pass-through, The Thick Body fat can clog the entry hole and leave a Poor Trail Even with a Fair Hit...If I don't have a Crimson Path after a shot...I always wait at least 3 Hours and even then go very Slow...It's hard to wait I know but the rewards are Greater....GOOD LUCK
    I would say he is still kicking. Put up a trail cam if you got one. Friend of mine told me a similair story. Only to find out a day later he was still kicking with a rage in him. He was killed two days later

    Good Luck