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    Well.....I finally worked hard enough to get a couple of days off for some tree time. I'm taking a conceal carry course, the wife got us signed up to today (Saturday), so I knew I wouldn't get as much tree time as I would want this week end.

    However, Friday I got up the tree at 6am and sat alllllllllllllllll day, and climbed down the tree at 7:30pm. For the most part it was an uneventful wait, I had a huge barn owl jumping branch to branch all around me for at least an hour. I saw a near miss as a hawk swooped through the trees to catch a squirrel. I found the big 9's rubline....25 trees strong! THE SUN WAS SHINNING....yeah! All in all a good day!

    I guess the long an short of it I love my Summit Viperx4! 13 1/2 hours straight sitting with the exception of, having to do like a bear in the woods thing, mid morning! That's when I walked to another spot and climbed back up with no real break in between. I'm 6'-2', 185 lbs. and dang it....almost 51 years old. Sitting that long and no pains stiffness. Hey 'SUMMIT' are you reading this.
    If you ever have the chance to climb a tree in a Summit stand, DO'll be sold!
    I love my summit treestands. I have a Summit ultimate viper that I could live out of and a open shot I use during bow season. Wouldn't have any other stand.
    Guys, I have had about had every stand out there...Even Summits...I once had a Steel Summit 'Saber' Boat anchor LOL...When they started making them out of Aluminum I thought Big Deal...Still wont beat my 'Big Shot' but I noticed...Seemed like everywhere I looked I seen Summit Climbers...People with Nice Bucks on Tail-Gates-'Summit Climber in Truck Bed'...Early Morning Hardees Drive Through 'Summit Climber in Truck Bed'...Anson County last year...Viper and Creek...Both with Summits....SOOOOO...I knew a Good Friend that had a Summit Climber Viper XL (2004 Model) hanging in his Garage that he used maybe 3 times...Stopped by and asked 'What ya Gotta have for that Summit?' For you? He said $100...I said I'll take it...BUT...Same Ole Sad Song to me...Not Big Boy friendly in my opinion so I started doing research to see what all the Fuss was about and discovered the Summit 180 SS Max...Read some reviews and Haven't Looked back...Took the FootRest,Saddle Bags and Bow Holder off the Viper XL and Sold it for $150...Hey he offered LOL...Put the Footrest ETC on my New 180 and can sit for Hours!!! Come to think of it...It's 3:25P.M. and after a Quick Shower...I'll be taking the Ole Summit for a evening Nap among Gods GREAT Creation and who knows? I might even see a Deer eating acorns if I'm Lucky but 1 thing for sure is...I'll be comfortable while I'm waiting....Good Luck Guys