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  • Jon Kruger at Scarecrow Festival Sporting Clay Tournament

    Keowee River held the 2011 Scarecrow Festival Sporting Clay Tournament over the weekend, and Jon Kruger was on hand for instruction and a demonstration.
    Kruger, who is originally from Iowa and now lives in Colorado, is a eight-time US Open Champion, Team U.S.A World Champion, Five-time All American Team Captain, 1st. Inductee in the Sporting Clays Hall of Fame, Sporting Clays All Time Money Winner, and All American First Team every year since its inception.
    Kruger goes around the US and does trick shooting for various events. Kruger's main point about shooting a shotgun was, 'It is a natural ability. Shooting a shotgun is just about pointing your finger and shoot what you are pointing.'
    Kruger's demonstration consisted of shooting from a variety of different positions at various objects besides sporting clays. Kruger shot golf balls, rubber balls, balloons, a variety of fruit and produce including: apples, tomatoes, lettuce, and pineapples. The finale was of Kruger shooting trailing ribbons attached to model airplanes that were engaged in a 'dog fight.'
    Except for the fallout of the exploding fruit and produce, Kruger put on a quite remarkable display of shotgun shooting. After the demonstration, the participates went on for a sporting clay completion, except this time there was no fruit or produce involved.

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn 'Teach' Corley