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  • Where's the Beef

    Ok guys and gals....where's the beef....I mean venison? We had a few very nice bucks taken this week. Congrats to all that connected. Very nice job the young lady did on knocking out 2 buck tags in 6 minutes from a ground blind earlier!

    It's been a long tough week for me with no tree time. In the morning I'm hunting at a buddies house and going in blind. We have been seeing activity and both decided to just go in, go up and see what happens. Sometimes these turn out to be the best hunts. Places with no pressure, no bait. Hopefully we can at least catch a doe off guard.

    Move times are around 9:20 to 11:20am for a major move and with all the rain we had down here I feel the deer will be moving good.

    Hey watch out for falling space debris.....that satellite is crashing to earth early tomorrow. Maybe we can catch some of it on a trail! Good Luck!
    COunt Down
    Viper I'm with you right now. I haven't been in the woods in about a week now. I am desperate to get back in. I plan on going tomorrow afternoon, then monday after noon, all day tuesday, and maybe wednesday after nooon. That monday and tuesday look real promising. Hope maybe I can get big boy to show you guys. I am still getting pics of him so there is still hope. Good luck. By the way I get off work at 8 do you think it would be beneficial to slip in around 9 in the morning for a little while?
    Slip on In
    Slip on in 8 would still be before the major move time.