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  • Re-thinking the weather

    I have been stressing about the weather and how it will apply to my limited hunting time this week then today I saw a weather warning that I think will play into my favor. We got a flood warning for my neck of the woods. It got me thinking, this is great because my stand sits at the edge of a creek flood plain looking on to higher ground. With continued rain tonight my hope is that it will push the deer out of their bedding areas and into the fields I overlook. So before I have my morning meeting with one of our hunter friendly state senators in the morning I think I am going to see if the rain has them restless. I went from disgusted with the weather to excited about its potential impact.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.
    Good Luck
    I sat the last 30 Mins in the rain over a Field tonight and Nothing but I have no bait in this area so I wasn't surprised....Good Luck
    I am debating going out and spreading some corn near my spot tonight when I get home for high hopes in the morning. Its only about 400 yds from my house so its a short walk.

    I figure any additional rain tonight will knock out any scent I leave behind by morning.
    Can't hurt!
    Spreading a little corn can't hurt. If your deer travel is heavy they will find it tonight. Get on stand early in the morning if should see movement!