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  • Love It When A Plan Comes Together... Not!

    You got to love it when a plan comes together....NOT!

    Saturday I tried to bow hunt out of the ground blind for the first time and attempted a 70 yard shot on a doe. I never realized how loud a bow can be in a ground blind....but she did!

    The place this doe keeps coming out on has no good trees to climb unless you're too far out of her daily routine.

    Learning my lesson....I decided to try her again late this afternoon. The Major move time was going to be between 6:07 and 8:07pm. I felt for sure having given the screw up from Saturday morning 3 and a half days to settle back down that I could attempt this again.

    I got in about 4:30pm. Set the blind up, camoed it in and mounted the bag-chair. First thing I noticed is the wind was borderline, blowing to where I thought she would come out at 30 yards. I was 'jonesing' for a cigarette but figured if I toughed it out I would be rewarded.

    6:07pm rolled around and now I'm excited. I so believe in following the lunar times. Like Saturday the doe showed up 15 minutes into the lunar window fore casted and I just knew any minute she would show.

    15 minutes after the time started came and went. 30 minutes after the time came and went. The longer the minutes passed the more excited I got.

    A minute or two before 7pm and there she is, only not where I had expected her to come from. She's 100 yards away at the other end of the tiny bean field. She is slowly feeding her way straight to me. I know, that because of the noise the ground blind is going to make....she has got to be within 30 yards she can't beat the arrow this time!

    The sun quickly falling behind the trees and obscured from the sporadic cloud cover I range her and she is at 70 yards now.

    A few minutes later and now settling down to the task at hand, I range her at 60 yards. I looked down at my watch and it was now 7:20pm, 5 minutes after sunset in the eastern zone. I started think to myself....come on girl....20 minutes left and you need to close the gap another 30 yards.

    One more time I try to range her but it's now too dark for the range finder to see a target. Having ranged the field edges earlier I referenced a spot I knew was 40 yards. She now is even with that spot but closer to me because she's in the beans instead of on the edge of the field.

    Now judging by eye sight I am clipped onto the bow string, adjustable single pin site set to 30 yards and ready to draw back at any second. Two more steps I'm thinking and I'll be drawing back. She now, in the dead clam night air, is so close I fear she can hear my heart beating. Two steps, two steps, I keep thinking when all of the sudden......buzzzzzz, buzzzzzzz, buzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzz over and over my phone is vibrating in the pocket of the bag chair. Me clipped onto the string, bow in hand with back tension pressure getting ready to draw, buzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzz, buzzzzz, me now looking down knowing I can't move and the silence of the night broken. I look back up as she now 50 yards away is hauling butt out of there. Man so close.

    I was so frustrated after doing everything right and being more patient than normal, and had choreographed this hunt to a tee, just to have the phone call blow it!

    One thing I can say....this was propably one of the most exciting hunts I've had since arrowing 'Sky Scraper' Thank God for the opportunity to be there!

    Tomorrow is another day!
    Ring Tone
    Set that Ring tone like Mine-Gobble-Obble-Obble LOL...You didn't say who it was? Have anything to do with Kansas? LOL
    I think I'm gonna just turn the phone off from now on. It was a guy that has been calling me 2 times a week over a door he wants put in for 200 dollars when I'm neck deep in a 10K and a 12.5K job! Sorry I value all jobs but, the money jobs come first.
    Don't start tearing a door out of your house unless first you know what you're doing and second you have the tools a time to complete it!
    That's a bummer!!
    Viper that is why I always put mine on silent. I have had the same thing happen to me before on a doe that was about 10 yards away. I would never turn it off though. My wife would kill me if she could not get up with me thru text lol. That's a bummer though. Like you said there is always 2morrow!!