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  • Thursday & Friday

    Hey gang, I am new to the page but have been reading it for a few weeks. I just started hunting again after 15 years of just getting to go one or two days here and there. I have already spent a few days on the stand this year and after 6 weeks finally got deer on my trail cams even though the area is always covered in tracks. Anyway, what are your thoughts on Thursday and Friday. Weather looks dreary to rainy, the peak times appear to be mid morning and late afternoon. The second part of my question is I have a bunch of does but I have yet to see any sign of bucks in the area. Any thoughts on that?
    The Bucks will find the Does and the Does are going to be where the Food Is....As far as the Weather...The deer are still out there doing what they do and I would be out there every chance I get as well...I haven't been since Sunday Morning because of daddy duties but Today I'll be back up a tree waiting and Hoping....Good Luck
    Welcone to the Site!
    Welcome to the site and good luck getting back into the sport.

    With the rain on Thursday and Friday with Friday being the the best chance of some good rain. Things will and can be iffy. I love hunting the rain when it's light because it doesn't seen to change the deers pattern but in fact increase movement. I have always said be on the stand as the rain tappers off because the deer after being held down seen to come out of the wood works. Saturday would probably be the best day in the next few days and early morning seems to be the time.

    As far as seeing does and no bucks.....the bucks are still, to some point, bunched up together in bachelor groups. Stick with the does and you should see bucks in the next few weeks.
    Unfortunately I am not going to get any time in other than Thursday and Friday. Saturday I have to work all day, early am until 9pm and Sunday I have to be up early for the football tailgate and game. I may make it back in time to get in a short hunt at dusk Sunday.

    I was excited as can be to just get pictures after the trail cams had been on their trails for 3 weeks. It looks like a nice healthy group of 3-4 does. I have set up some new food plots based on a change in my stand location which seems to be helping. Some of it just comes down to relearning. I always hunted in the mountains sitting on rocks and in cover and up in WV when I was younger. This is my first run at the piedmont using a tree stand.

    I have the fever no doubt about that. Its just a matter of time and keeping my wife from getting mad at me for never being home.

    Thanks guys!