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  • Forecast!

    Well guys and gals you hear me talk about lunar phases and not as much about the monthly wave. The Monthly wave is the peaks and lows of the lunar cycle. Everyone has been complaining about the slow times the past few days....well my GPS wave calendar shows poor conditions. I guess you can say they're right! The monthly peaks are 2 which correspond to the full moon and the new moon. I comprised a forecast based off my GPS just as an experiment for us to try to watch. Here it goes!

    The GPS rates the wave days from Poor to Excellent!

    September 16th-18th are rated as Poor.
    September 19-25 are rated as Average.
    September 26th rated at Good (an up swing)
    September 27th Excellent (new moon)
    September 28-29 Good (down swing)
    Sept into October 30-9 Average (long flat period)
    October 10-11 Good (up swing)
    October 12 excellent (peak on the Full Moon)
    October 13-14 Good (down swing)
    October 15 Average
    October 16-18 Poor (bottomed out)
    October 19-24 Average (flat)
    October 25-26 Good (up swing)
    October 27 Excellent (New Moon)
    October 28 Good (down swing)
    October 29-Nov 8 Good (long flat)

    Print this out and also follow the lunar cycle (daily move times) to increase your success and see how it plays out.

    In my experiences I find better hunting a few days before and after the New Moon. I predict big kills around October 25th through the 28th! Good Luck!
    Help a Brother out LOL
    Printers Broke...Just text me each day and let me know when I need to be there Lmao...Maybe we can hit Anson with Creek on those Great killing Days LOL. Bet he kills a Monster out there
    I looked at the gps this am as well, the best time for my area was between 10am-11:30am, prime had it from 6:30-11:30. either way nothing came through feeding or makin its way to the bedding area. just glad to be amongst'em and not
    Trust your GPS. I don't know where Prime time was forecasting for but the GPS was right. It was showing the minor move which the time was right. Saturday morning mine said 9:30am to 10:30 pm and a doe walked out at 9:45am. The Major move yesterday was 3:32 to 5:32pm and I didn't see anything but the monthly wave was saying poor for movemnet! Poor doesn't mean you won't see deer....just probably not see deer! LOL! Lots of factors.
    waves and moon
    I vote that Viper post a report each day for the deer movement/ feeding times for general locations. Yes that would be great. Thanks Viper in advance. LOL
    LOL that would take so much time I wouldn't have the time to work much less hunt....better yet....go to Dick's Sporting Goods or Gander Mountain and the Garim E-trex Venture HC GPS. Everyone should have one anyway. Never have to use tracking tape to mark a stand for everyone else to find....never get lost....always know the moon times, monthy highs and lows, sunrise, sunset, where the water These things have it all! Hey and even games if you get bored!
    1st hunt of season
    Finally today I got to go hunting for the first time this season. Hunted in stand till 1:00 today in Chatham county and only saw sqirrels. Got down and trucked down the road to Moore county and did not see anything. The woods were quiet and it appears that the moonlite nights kept them feeding and laying in the daylight. Maybe next time.
    forecast movement
    been looking at your guide and my times. tonite deer came out at 7:30. no shot, believe i got winded. by my movement, friday thru monday will be good days. Saturday, 4:00pm until 6:30pm is what im showing. lets wait and see.
    Right on Schedule
    Deer slayer the deer were right on schedule....Major move time for today was 7:01 -9:01pm. So as you can see the times will slip by 51 minutes tomorrow. Deer will be moving after dark 30....oh wait!!!! Check this out. There are two major moves of the day. The second one is now in the evening hours after shooting light. Guess where the other one is lining guessed it....MORNING!!!! tomorrow morning the Major move is at 7:22 to 9:22am. If you have the on stand in the morning! I'll be driving nails. We are moving out of a flat time period into an up swing on Monday so this week end should still be good but the hunt will be in the am! Time for Saturday is 9:06 -11:06 am. The new moon is on Tuesday. The move time will be around noon but, with a dark (no moon) night....deer will be on their feet all day. these times and from my location to the mountains the time can only vary by 10 minutes or so! Major moves are plus or minus 1 hour so Saturday can be from 8:06 to 12:06. Get in a tree and lets check out what drops!

    Good luck to all!! >>>-----> Straight arrows!
    just didnt happen
    went out for the morning hunt, already sick, started getting drowned by the rain and had to come out. sun broke thru the clouds for the midday movement and saw nothing. went home and sat around the ol'oak tree to see whats the plans were for the evening hunt with the club family. got home, got washed up and headed out. 5 of the members went yesterday, and nothing. not even seeing a deer. dont know what was going on, but eveybody got in for the movement and it didnt happen. hope someone else had better luck than we did
    No Movement
    Yeah same here. Went before sun up thinking that with all the rain that the deer would move. Noon came and went without a sign with the exception of one squirrel that thought I was the coolest thing since sliced! He would maneuver from tree to tree all morning. He'd come up to me from the bottom of the tree and then from the top. Good thing is he never he liked me or just had big cajones.
    Changed spots and towns and went with Inferno4me for the afternoon. We were so close into a small town that we had 4 wheelers on one side of us, soul music on another, kids playing on still another side of us and target practice with high powered rifles on the last side......nope....didn't see anything.
    Tuesday is the New Moon and tomorrow is the first day of an up swing in movement. This week should be better than it's been. I'll be working so went to church this morning and going to drop something this afternoon....God willing!
    cold front
    checked out the 10 day forecast, looks awesome for the weekend. all them smokepole hunters going to have it licked saturday morning with temps in the 40's. when deer feel that cold front, you dont have to worry much about the movement times. good luck to all this week an'lets puttem down'
    Movement Times.
    I had pictures from 2 trail cameras from 2 different locations where I live. These cameras are about 10 miles apart. Do not knonw if anyone has every looked at it, but the web site It gives you best movement times based on your zip code. I went back and looked at the pictures for last week and compared them to what the web site said. Out of 7 days 5 of them showed movement when the web site said was either excellent or good. 1 day was within about 1 hour of the times. And the last day was not even close. I will be using Viper's forecast and the website for tomorrow. Also, wonder how much it getting cooler this weekend will effect movement. Any thoughts from you guys.
    Cooler Cooler Colder
    Thanks for the vote of! Man with the New Moon on Tuesday the activity ramps up fast and falls off slow. My favorite moon phase to hunt. I haven't seen much if anything in a week and was kind of let down but, it has been muggy! This cool weather should get things jumping. When it gets cold deer need to get to generate body heat while chewing the cud. No cud no expect good things with the cooling weather. Everyone check the move time with the monthly wave and remember that the end of October is a receipt for kills. Moon phase cooler temps and pre-rut.
    We've had a hot summer that doesn't want to let go but, I feel it's gonna be a great rut this year. I have noticed a lot of early kills with drop tines so far.....just remember all monster seasoned bucks don't get caught on camera. Whoo Hoo let the games begin!