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  • Opening Day in Western Season

    Just wanted to share an opening day tale.

    Hiked 5+ miles on Grassy Bald in Mitchell County to find lots of Hog sign but not many deer.

    We pulled out after lunch and went to the Roaring Creek section of Game Lands near the Cranberry Comm. in Avery County. After walking for a few miles I sat down in an open spot near some Beech trees and an old Apple tree. At about 7:05 I got up for the hike back to the truck to get there at dark. When I looked up there was a doe standing at 30 yds. I pulled back the string on my new Diamond Outlaw and let it fly. One problem, in my rush to take the shot I said to myself.....(Oh Crap there's a deer!!!) 30 yds, 3rd pin...... Not so fast..... 3rd pin is my 40 pin.

    So, over the back goes my Muzzy and the deer wheels around to the edge of the clearing.

    I pulled back another arrow, settled on her lungs with the 50 yd pin and let it fly.

    I watched my fletching blow through her like a hot knife through butter.

    Got to the spot, stepped off at 48 yds, and there was about a pint of blood on the ground. 30 yards is as far as she went.

    So that was my story, and I'm happy to have begun the backstrap boogie here in the mountains on the ground on Game Lands

    Sorry no pics. Phone was dead from roaming all day and I was so far from the truck I dressed her in the field. Too bad I can't get one of those fancy T-shirts! ;)

    Good Luck to everyone!
    Great job
    Great job on keeping it together for the second shot and great shot at that. Just stay tuned to the site....I'm sure another shirt opportunity will present itself!

    I believe that big 10 point got the 3rd shirt!
    damn dude! Hats off....
    Congrats on the backstrap, sure hope you had some I thot my 200yd hike to the stand was a chore packing stand and stuff..your hunt, thats doing it the 'barta way' Hat's off.....
    That's GREAT!!! Gotta Love it when you connect on Public Ground...When I take a Gobbler on Public Land it makes me feel AWESOME...Congrats on the Back-Straps!!!
    Great Job Appmnthunter!! Good recovery!! Theres one less deer to compete for. Hunting publicland is great, but your playing the game against the deer and also other hunters. Avery County Has a good deer Population comparied to the other Monutain Countys. Goodluck on Your Next Hunt!!
    Way to go man!! It is hard to keep yourself composed enough to get off another shot. Job well done!