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  • Need some input from the huntin community

    So I just decided to use my new remington 700 .243 for the first time this deer season and I need some input on what type of ammo I should use.. any input would be great.. thanks in advance for any advice
    Deadliest Mushroom
    I've been using the Winchester ballistic silvertip bullets (.30-06) for quite a few years now. Been pleased with groupings from year to year...and have been very pleased with knockdown. I've recovered the bullet from deer and they the bullets have expanded perfectly.

    Shot one buck at ~40yards and the deer's entire stomach was laying on the ground where he was shot...upon exit the bullet had essentially dissected the deer....Easy tracking job.
    Winchester makes a good round. Like BMH said Ballistic Silvertip. I feed them to my 270 WSM in a 130 grain. In the picture is an exit wound at 265 yards! I would suggest the heaviest round you can get with for the .243 for good knock down! I think Winchester makes Silvertips in a 95 grain for the .243!

    Welcome to the site. I like your profile picture! What was that about 50 inches wide?
    WELCOME and THANK YOU for your 5 year Tour of Duty for our GREAT Country. You are likely to get several opinions on this Topic and this is just Mine...I Myself have always been pleased with the performance of Remington Core-lokts...I shoot a 130 Grain SP Core-Lokt in my Model 70 Winchester 270 and it has never let me down...And the Price can't be Beat. I have a Friend that shoot this ammo in a 243 and even with the small grain Bullet, he gets it done Year after Year...Another friend of mine loves the High Dollar Hornady Custom Loads but he also lost 2 deer last year...Not saying it was the Bullets Fault but he is a GREAT shot but I understand that things happen at that magical Moment also....Again' WELCOME to the site and GOOD LUCK
    Its nice to see more military on this site. I would stay with something you can buy anywhere like a Core-lok or the Winchester SP2 round. If your like me then you have Army buddies all over the place and go hunting with them. I use 150gr Core-locs in my 7mm b/c I know I can find them at Walmart or any outdoor store. Get ammo that is easy to find anywhere also 100gr. Core-lok does just fine for NC deer.
    Thanks for all the advice guys. I think i have a better idea of what ammo i will use. @viper it was 58 inches. i took that moose about 50 miles south of delta junction,alaska. Great state for hunting!!!!
    58 inches....NICE!
    I knew it was big. I hope to some day nail one with the bow. It's on my bucket list with elk!

    Thanks for sharing your interest in the site and welcome. If you have any pictures of your moose we would love to see them posted on the site!

    Thanks for what you do as well!
    Rem Core-lokts
    Rem core-lokts are probably the most inexpensive load out there and VERY dependable. I've used them in all different cals from .223 and up. They always shoot well and perform on the other end. I've strayed from time to time and tried different loads because of how well someone may say they are, but I've always come back to the core-lokt.
    Ammo...Just My 2 Cents Worth....
    I'd have to say try out the Winchester Ballistic Tips and Hornady BTSP. I have also used Federal Premium and liked them too. I will say that I shoot the Winchester Silvertips 130grain in my Browning A-Bolt .270 and use the Hornady BTSP 150 grain in my Browning BAR .308 just to give you reference as to what I use. As for the .243 round I'd say as heavy a grain as possible....What type of range are you talking about shooting and do you have a lot of cover? If so, use the heavier grain bullet for knockdown power! Good Luck on Your Season!