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  • need sum help

    my brother in law went and bought the new pse vendetta. the problem is we got it sighted in and he is deadly with broadheads but all over the place with field tips. i got a hoyt turbo hawk. where i shoot my broadheads my field points are right there with it. he is shooting montec 100. i shoot muzzy 100. he shot my muzzy and was hitting dead on. jus cant figure it out
    More information
    Need more information and Inferno4me could definitely answer this issue. Information: arrow length,spline number and brand, bow draw weight and IBO and what type fetches is he shooting (2 inch or 4 inch).

    If he was on target with target tips and off with the broadheads it would be an issue with tuning the broadheads to the fletches. The only thing that comes to mind is FOC and are the field tips the same weight as the broadheads? FOC is dealing with the arrow balance and refers to Forward Of Center. Optimally you want your arrow to be between 7 to 15% heavier on the front 7% forward balance point of center to 15% forward balance of center. If an arrow is balanced at center it will be a floater which would account for the inaccuracy. The braodheads working with the vanes could control the imbalance through stearing the arrow, where as with the target tips they have no stearing ability. 4 inch vanes control an arrows flight better than a 2 inch vane. Everyone uses 2 inch vanes to gain speed but, guess what....2 inch vanes only give you 2 feet per second but cost you arrow stability in flight.

    It maybe he's shooting his old arrows on the new bow and the new bow is stronger than the old bow. He might need new arrows with a stiffer spline. The bow may be out of tune. A lot of bow shops put the bows together and don't tune them!

    I'll put a call into Inforno4me and have him address your post! Good luck!
    more Info?
    Yeah there are several problem it could be but we need more info. Did he sight in with broadheads or field tips? Are they the same Grain? From just what little bit you said the bows rest is probably out of tune. Often some have to do whats called broadhead tunning. Its where your fix blade broadheads dont hit where your field points are so you tune your rest to shoot the broadheads since thats what your hunting with. Gives us a little more info and we can help you out
    Deerslayer. We got to have some more info. There r a ton of people with knowledge on thi site. Maybe Inforno4me could answer all your questions/concerns
    the draw weight is set at 64lbs. 30' beman ics 9.6gpi. the practice tips weight 100 grains also. i been bowhunting a few years and had a few bows. but never had this problem helping someone. he was shooting 4' vanes and shot them the same way. had them reflechted with 2' blazer vanes. i shot his arrows fine. i think there is someting in the tuning. he is shooting 3 blade broadheads. we have lined them up with the vanes and shot them in between vanes. broadheads shot the same. i know you dont hunt with your practice tips but when you're practcing you can shot any 1 of the 2 to get your accurency down.
    Have to pass this to Inferno4me
    I'll have to pass this on to Inferno4me. My guess is Dang those arrows are long, and heavy to have 2 inch vanes. Whats his draw length 32 inches? Those arrows are like throwing a 2 x 4 with a 4 inch vane. Not much stearing there. Are your muzzy's 3 or 4 blade? I know the G5 montec are 3 blade!
    P.S. check your e-mail I e-mailed you my number!

    Just got off the phone with Inferno4me....he said you need to make a trip up here. The arrows have got to be too long, bow needs tuning and there's one week to season. Call me 910-214-6118
    long draw
    yea, he has a long draw. he is 1 of those long armed raschels. the muzzy's are 3 blade. that is what i have shot for years. we will get him figured out 1 way or another. 1 thing i dont like is that whisker biscuit. looks like it would just make arrows fly all over the place.
    Hello....whisker bisket? The only thing you want touching the arrow upon release is the string. Even with the Bisket Inferno can get you tuned but he needs to get away from the bisket!
    yea viper, thats what i was saying. i use the 2010 ripcord fall away and love it to death.
    Tell him to get a drop away and come see Inferno4me in Clinton 40 minutes from you and bring $40.00 bucks and his problems will be over! I'd hate to go into next week-end with doubts!

    Ask NChunter8 if it's worth the trip! NC8 you reading this!
    Amazing Bowsmith
    DS I couldn't begin to tell you how impressed I was by inferno and viper when I went to meet them. Seriously take the drive, spend a few hours with these guys and they will have you shooting better than you ever have before. You will not be disappointed and inferno knows his stuff!!! I wish I lived closer I would be there every weekend! Anytime I need anything done to my bow I am willing to drive almost two hours just to use inferno, I'm that confident in his work. Just don't want your buddy to make a bad shot on ol mossy horns that could have been avoided.
    He has a tuning issue with his rest. When he shoots stand behind him and see if the arrows fish tail side to side after the shot. If they do his centershot is off and needs to be adjusted. Plus whisker biscuits are very sensitive to hand torque. If he shoots close fist or has any hand movement what so ever it will dramatically effect his flight path.If he can get to a bow shop and let them check his centershot. Plus I think that bow is a dual cam bow I may be wrong but if it is check the Cam timing also. If he shoots alot and fills pretty confident in bows he can try WALK BACK TUNNING that will help him with getting his centershot of his rest on. You can google walk back tunning or go to youtube and there are plenty videos to show you how to do this. But I say thatif he fill comfortable doing that if not get a proshop to look at it.
    Great advise Sportsman. Walk back tuning is easy to do: shoot your 20 yard pin at the target at 20 yards, then shoot the same pin at 30 and 40 yards. If the arrow starts hitting right or left it will be more ovious at longer distances and you can adjust accordingly.

    Sportsman is also right about bow torque (gripping the hand grip. Once at full draw you should open your fingers a little and relax your grip. At the same time drop your forward shoulder slightly and the tension in your stiff arm will relax. It makes a world of difference in your shooting and grouping!
    bow smith
    we just got back from my bowsmith. i use godwin outdoors in raeford. i have know the family for years and im good friends with the man who runs the bow in law is still spot on with broad heads. i am shooting like a dream. i did all the other training with him i could. even down to his grip and anchor point. he said he is going to just practice with his broadheads this season and put money into a new rest next year. thanks for all of your advice guys. good luck to all my blood brothers this season.
    Hey DeerSlayer...If he shot Left Handed I can Mail you a Brand NEW G5 Expert2 Drop away that I have no use for at the moment...Let me know and GOOD LUCK
    thanks man
    man i thank you for the help. he's a right hander. i guess he will deal with what he has this year.