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  • Hurricane Irene information

    Guys, I just wanted to encourage all of our users from the coast to post what's going on in the face of the approach of Hurricane Irene. Looks like the southern portion of the coast will be OK, but it could get tough farther up.

    So please give us your perspective and post some pics and vids as things develop!

    Good luck, and our prayers and thoughts are with you!
    I am about 90 miles northwest of Wilmington and already the winds have shifted and are coming in from the southeast. Just partly cloudy today but, the storm is expected to hit the Wilmington area sometime early Saturday morning.

    What's so amazing right now is the storm is currently at south Florida yet the outter bands are almost reaching us here now! BIG STORM!
    Yeap, the winds have shifted and it has been overcast all day down here. I am about 3 miles from Wilmington and 20 miles from Southport. Thanks to the nice weather we will be having this weekend I have to work Friday until this mess is gone.
    Storm Aproach Friday Morning
    Outer bands coming Friday Morning!
    Taking her time!
    Irene is taking her time getting here...which means she will take her time leaving. These are images just before lunch. I live 24 miles east of Fayetteville. Not gonna be fun!
    Viper, you guys might be OK since you'll be in the western quardrant, which is definitely the best side of a hurricane to be in. Probably get some wind, but if it follows the current track you guys should be OK.

    Those on the closer to coast, however, will probably get blasted!

    Definitely thinking of you guys. Keep us up to date!
    Charter Fleet
    Starting on Wednesday many of our local charter fleet started preparing for Hurricane Irene. Some of the fleet left their boats in their slip, doubling the dock lines securing their vessel. Some of the smaller boats were left on boat lifts, secured with dock lines and raised as high as possible on the lift.
    Many of the larger boats were pulled out of the water and stored on land. Tony Ross, owner of the Wet-N-Wild from Atlantic Beach, pulled his boat. Tony told me that he felt more comfortable with his boat on land than in the water. When the boat is still in the water you take a chance on a line breaking and the boat could raise up above a piling and come back down on the piling, sinking her in the slip.
    This is a picture of the Wet-N-Wild being pulled with the travel lift
    First Rain Band
    We just had our first rain band. Not to bad started at 2:20pm and stopped at 2:35pm....just 1/2 inch. OMG. At least we don't have it as bad as the captain. The storm center is still 280 miles off! I am on the edge of the 60-70 mile mph forecasted winds. Hang on and as long as we have power I'll keep you informed
    Welcome aboard, Capt. Brian! And thanks for the information about what's going on with the coastal situation.

    Keep us informed as long as possible, and we'll be thinking and praying for you guys!
    7am update
    Rained constantly last night. We still have power. which is amazing for the Northern Outer Banks, North Carolina Power has done a great job.

    Just received a message that Highway 12 going to Hatteras is still open. Everyone should know that highway 12 is very susceptible to ocean over-wash.

    Wind gusts so far have only been 43kts, and Hatteras has had gusts to 84kts. This will change soon as Irene makes landfall within the next few hours, the eye is only 74 miles off Hatteras.

    Good luck to those who are riding out Irene.
    Stay Safe
    Stay safe captian Brian. So far here in Roseboro we had 3 1/2 of rain....figured we would have had more. This morning the wind gust are to around 40 mph.
    My neighbor posted on Facebook that her yard was full of leaves and branches....I told her those would be mine and she could return them when she was finished with them.
    My Pecan trees look like they may come down at anytime though, so I'm keeping an eye out! No pun intended!
    10:45 update
    Highway 12 is closed now on Hatteras Island. It seems that the inlet that opened during Isabel tried to reopen. Not confirmed, but was told that the waves were crossing the road. this is north of Hatteras village and south of Frisco.
    There was a tornado in Columbia this morning. Lots of debris on Highway 64
    Here in Kitty Hawk the winds are SSE about 35 with gusts to 50.
    12:15 update
    Just received a phone call that a gentleman went outside of his home on Hatteras Island where he was struck by a tree limb and was killed. I have made a few phone calls to confirm this. Let us pray that this did not happen.
    electricity outages
    As expected, Irene is blasting electrical service as she rolls through the easter portion of the state.

    Check out what Progress Power is facing:
    It appears that the back side of Irene has been more destructive here than the front. Winds have been from the SW for the last 5 hours. Tree limbs are down causing power outages in areas with overhead lines.
    The water in the sound disappeared before the eye came by, but since then it is returning with a vengeance. Went by a friens house where his boat is on a lift, raised to it's highest point. The water is returning to his canal and is only 6' from the bottom of his boat, and still raising. He is worried that at the rate the water is returning that it will damage his boat and lift.
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