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  • Early Goose Season Sept. 1

    With deer season open in parts of the state, and more of the state readying for Sept. 1st to start deer hunting, many people overlook a favorite season of Palmetto State waterfowl hunters. Sept. 1st marks more than the search for venison, it also marks Early Season for Canada geese.

    This early season is truly a great time to bag a big honker, especially if you have access to a farm pond where Canadas are present.

    This isn't always the most romantic of waterfowl hunts, but if you are looking to put some meat on the table for opening weekend of college football, or just to help a landowner get rid of some nuisance animals, this early season is just the ticket.

    Farm ponds are great places for these hunts because these geese are usually used to seeing folks fishing in the pond and are not as wary of hunters this time of year. Most pond owners see Canada geese as a detriment to their ponds because they leave large amounts of defecation all over the shore, making for some not-so-pleasant fishing trips for the kids. Their defecation also adds a lot of harmful acids to the pond water which can have a negative effect on the fish, and on the fishing.

    If you are one of those outdoorsmen who like to wait until the weather cools off some before getting in the deer stand, try your hand at early goose season. It's as easy as carrying a shotgun with you while fishing at your favorite pond.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter