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  • I'm Ready!

    I don't know about everyone else but, I am so ready for bow season. It's kind of like Christmas to me and yes God plays a huge part in it.
    I even went scouting again yesterday and probaly walk 3 or 4 miles and finished the day sitting on my Tri-pod stand for 3 hours to watch the deer in a soybean field from 400 yards away! 20 days and counting them down!
    I'm right there with ya viper. I cannot wait till opening day. However no more scouting right now for me, feel like its too close to be walking around and no rain to get rid of any scent I may have left behind. The only time I'm going in the woods is to replenish corn. Best of luck to everyone come opening day!
    Dry Conditions
    I have a good friend that only bear hunts with dogs. Dry days are bad because the dogs can't pick up a scent. Wet days are the best. Good to know because foggy or misty days deer can pick up your scent even farther away. Just so you don't worry about your site. It pays to have good cover scent. You are right though about not visiting a site too often and it's too easy to leave scent behind!
    I am in the woods all year just so the deer get use to some human scent plus the farmer is always in the fields and we ride our 4wheelers during the summer. I also have a friend who starts putting a mannequin in his stands in July. I use to do nothing but dog hunt and Viper is right about your scent staying around longer on wet days.
    I am counting the days with you Viper!! I am ready man!!
    18 Days!
    18 days and a wake up!

    So I was looking at the solunar tables for opening morning. I noticed the minor times are approximately 527-627am and 525-625pm. The moon's underfoot during the day, which means they won't be venturing far from safety to feed (thanks again Viper for your moon article!). I'm thinking the evening may provide the best chance to see some deer. May hunt an acorn grove where I had success last year - I just hope more have fallen by then. What would y'all recommend for the morning? I'm thinking of trying to catch them moving back to their safety area.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts for a chance of opening morning success!

    18 days!
    I was thinking that you might be better hunting early morn or late afternoon if you're hunting open fields. Opening day is 2 days before the Full Moon and although the 12th is a strong active time the deer will be feeding all night. They will be moving late morning good on opening day....but you can bet your socks they will be hanging close to their bedding areas.
    I think if anyone has great success you will have to be deep in the woods near bedding areas to catch them!
    Good luck!
    P.S. the only thing that might be in our favor is they are still in their summer mode!
    Hey Viper, thanks for the info. I hunt public game lands, and usually hunt deep in the woods (400 yards in, minimum). I know all of these game lands like the back of my hand, I know where the deer will be walking. I do know of an area where there's a fence that opens up to a field of tall grass. Do you think they'll be travelling to that field at any point of the day? Or do you think with the first pressure on gamelands they'll be pushed further into the woods (where I'll be lol). I'm thinking the latter, and plan to be up a tree and settled at least two hours before sunrise.
    Hunter double
    I'am more than ready just came in from freshening the corn pile and sitting in the stand for a lil while cause it feels like season now. OH yea did anybody else fell the quake? lol
    I dont know that land but sounds like that field could be a good bedding spot. I do know down here they will probably eat and bed in the soybeans at I might catch them leaving the field in the morning early!
    right there with you
    for some reason this year part of me seems ready but part of me doesnt. i cant seem to figure out the reason that i feel not ready. and im also really nervous about this years season.
    Opening Day
    Welcome to the site Deerslayer2011 and I'm like you...I'm excited but not like i have been in years past and not sure why...I still love Deer Hunting but Man Turkey Hunting has NEVER got Old to me...I'll still be there doing what I can to enjoy the Outdoors.
    come on guys no need to be nervous . Whats going to happenn is whats going to happen this season.i'm just glad its almost here.My wife is about to have our new baby soon(which im very excited about) and also im going to be off work for the good part of bow season. so doe or buck im ready to put the shwack down on something.good luck to everyone and remember just enjoy the hunt.
    Hersh I'm with you....not nervous about anything! Well maybe telling my wife I took off at 3 everyday to be on the tree! lol! My bow is so on....I'm going to sit back and video it's magic!
    Not Long now
    Congrats on the New Baby Hersh...I'm not really nervous...Like i said i'm excited but not like in years past...I'll feel better once it's here. And Like you...The first 1 that 'Feels Perfect' is he 1 i'll try and take...Buck or Slick head!!!