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  • SharkBait& Guys...Here's My Bowtech Tribute

    Hey Guys, Viper and SharkBait talking about thier weapons, I thought I would share mine. My Bow is kind of Odd because It's a 08 but They Stopped making the Tribute in 07....What they Did was took the Remaining 07s and added the New 'In-Velvet Finish and APG to them and sold them as 08s...The 'In-Velvet finish is suppose to take away some of the Cold from the Aluminum when it's Cold but looks like a ordinary Bow to me LOL so the Birth Certificate and Owners Manual states *2008 Bowtech Tribute 50/60 In-Velvet. I did ALOT of research before I bought this Bow as I did with my New Summit 180 Max Climber and have never doubted the purchase. My Bow before this was a Bowtech as well and a Scraphews before that. Anyway....I shoot this Bow Maxed out at 61lbs and it shoots around 267 and is the Queitest,Smoothest,Fastest Bow i have ever had myself and like i have said before...There's Faster Bows out there but they just make you miss Quicker LOL... I'll Copy and Paste some comments I found when I Googled my Bow.

    BowTech was founded in 1999 and was taking the archery world by storm within a year. That year’s first bow, the Black Knight, was marketed as the “fastest bow in the world.” It lived up to its reputation and sales went through the roof. Since this initially success, BowTech has continuously released better and more innovative bows each year. In 2006, they released the BowTech Tribute. Its patent pending Binary Cam System was something the archery world had never seen before and quickly made the BowTech Tribute one of the smoothest and more versatile bows in existence.

    Many of the BowTech bows have American-inspired names such as the Patriot or Liberty. However, BowTech is not just using the names as a marketing rouse. Whenever you purchase a Tribute BowTech bow, you are paying tribute to the American troops. That is because BowTech will make a donation to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (T.A.P.S.) with some of the proceeds from each purchase of a BowTech Tribute. This non-profit group provides assistance and support to families who have lost loved ones who were serving in the armed forces.

    BowTech’s® new Tribute Bow gives serious bowhunters a combination of stability, smoothness and versatile performance that defies conventional wisdom and defines the future of compound bow technology.

    The Tribute’s unique combination of a long riser and beyond parallel limbs helps deliver stability never before possible in a shorter axle-to-axle bow. BowTech engineers used “outside the box” thinking to develop a bow that increases stored energy while significantly reducing limb tip travel. As a result, vibration is virtually eliminated while comfort and accuracy are greatly improved.

    BowTech’s patent-pending Binary Cam System is at the heart of the Tribute’s performance and versatility. The Binary Cam System provides all the performance of a true two-cam system with 100-percent equalization of force. With both cams “slaved” to each other, a Binary Cam bow can never go out of synchronization, resulting in maximum performance and efficiency in every shot.

    Fastest Compound Bow: APA Black Mamba X1
    ***Best Kinetic Energy Bow: Bowtech Tribute***
    Lightest Compound Bow: PSE Firestorm Lite
    Most Forgiving Bow: Hoyt Montega Wheel & 1/2
    Shortest/Smallest Bow: The Liberty One (not charted)
    Longest Compound Bow: Reflex Caribou

    Added a Cool Little Video from a NC Guy shooting a Tribute...Can You say....DIRTNAP!!! LOL