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  • New Arrow Love!

    Well I just got back from my Bow Smith! The new High County Speed Pros are the ticket. My bow went from shooting 272 fps to 303 fps just by changing to these arrows. As you can see from the picture the shoot great. They cost the same as a dozen Gold Tip Pro Hunter, which I shot last year @ 120.00 a dozen. I stayed with the 4 inch vanes because the blazer only pick you up 2 fps but you loose a little stability.

    I haven't shot my bow since opening weekend of Turkey season. I shot 3 sets of 3 through the chronograph so we could have imputs for the computer ballistic program and the picture was my 3rd set @ 30 yards! I need to back up to 40 or 50 or order new arrows now. I was afraid I had a triple robinhood by the sound when they hit together.

    Foot note: It takes 35 pounds of kinetic energy to pass through a deer. According to the ballistics program these arrows on my bow retain 51.6 pounds of K-energy at 100 yards. My bow is 5 years old.....imagine what some of you guys new bows will do with these arrows! Check them out!
    Where did you get them from?? I have shot the Gold Tip Hunter XT for the past 4 years.
    Can't get the picture......
    Ok I give up...I can't get the picture turned right lol!
    Inferno4me on this site is a part time bow smith in Clinton. He ordered them for me last year for the Sky Scraper hunt but, I didn't want to change arrows right before the invite and hunt....(thank God) because I got 'Sky'. I told him I would get with him this year and set them I hope I have a lot of targets this year! I can shot my 20 yard pin out to 35 yards, make that 0 - 35 yards! I can hook you up!
    What size pins are on your sight??? I have .029 and they cover the target at 30-40yards. I am looking at a 4pin sight with .019 pins. I have a Bowtech Admiral 68lbs draw wieght and 26 1/2 arrow length with a ripcord rest, 5 pin truglo sight.
    I can't remember right now but the sight I use is a True Glo T701 adjustable single pin that doubles as a pendulum sight and has a push button lite. I shoot a Hoyt 75th aniversary Trykon XL set at 72 pounds draw, 36 inch axle to axle and a 29 inch draw. My cut length on my arrows is 28.5, tipped with G5 Montec 100 grain CS and SS. My drop away is made by Hoyt and has no capture system on it but, I have never needed it! The cool thing with this bow is hoyt warraties everything on the bow for life. Both Cams which are cam and a half, buss cables, bow string, limbs.....can't go wrong with that. It's a heavy bow but, it preforms! Ask 'Sky'!
    I now have the job of finding the new perameters with these arrows. I use to be able to shoot my 20 yard pin on pendulum mode out to 40 yards....then adjust to the 40 yard ground mark and shoot 40 yards out to 65 yards. After that the pendulum strts equaling the ground pins because the shooting angle gets to 10 degrees or less. I might be able to shoot the 20 yard pin out to 50 yards now....we'll see!
    Hey if you have time bring the bow with you to school!
    Hey Shark, That Admiral Looks SWEEET and 1 More thing i'll add.....You got Big Toes LOL
    Its been the best bow I have ever owned. My last 2 bows where Parkers but I shot this one and had to have it. As for my feet I have big toes but little feet size I have only killed one doe and a fox with it. I shoot Rage's with it the bow likes them the best, it shoots the G5 Tekans good also. I had a tough time getting it to shoot Muzzy 3 blades good.
    Web site
    Here's a link to HCA High Country Archery's web site. I did add a picture above of the new arrows I'm shooting.
    High Country
    Speed Pro Max by Carbon Revolution

    The Speed Pro Max Shafts are manufactured by Carbon Revolution with the highest military grade carbon available on the market, higher than any other arrow. By using this higher quality of carbon, the Speed Pro Max shaft is able to have the most amazing arrow spine to arrow weight ratio.

    If you are looking for the utmost in accuracy and speed, look no further than the Speed Pro Max arrow… The Fastest Arrow you will ever shoot guaranteed!

    Increase your arrow speeds a minimum of 30 Feet Per Second over what you are currently shooting and in some case gain considerably more.

    Experience the Speed Pro Max difference, where Speed Kills!
    Weight variance within +/- 1 grain!

    Available in straightness of .001 or .003
    Wow Not So sure Now!!!
    Viper Found this While reading up on these arrows...Also Several people say that they are so Brittle that they will break or crack just trying to pull from a target and some Bow companies wont warrant thier bows if you shoot these arrows????Not Sure Just telling ya what i found on Google.

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    I have a friend who uses a PSE X-Force bow at 65 pounds 30 inch draw.

    He purchased some of the HCA SPEED PRO MAX arrows from HCA.

    Well to make a long story short, after shooting about 10 of the 12 arrows he bought, one of them EXPLODED IN HIS BOW.

    Causing a few hundred dollars worth of damge to the bow and actually sending some carbon fibers into his bow hand.

    He contacted HCA and left message after message about the issue and FINALLY 3 weeks later he calls and demands to speak to a manager and not the CUSTOMER SERVICE RECORDING he had been talking to for the past 3 weeks, well they put a MANAger on the phone and he explains to him what had happened and the MAnager has the Nerve to say, Well.. what do you expect me to do about it ???
    My friend told him that he should at least buy back the other arrows he bought and the Manager told him and why would I want to do that ? to which my friend replied, that it was hca's product that failed and damaged his bow and injured his hand, and the manager pretty much blew him off to which my friend told him that he was going to tell his friends about his experience and they would not buy from HCA, to which the manager replied , do what you have to , we will still sell the arrows without his friends.

    A compay like that deserves to go out of business, what does it say when once they get your money they dont care about their customers or standing behind their product.

    I think my friend should sue them for the repairs and injured hand.

    he is lucky he wasnt injured more than he was.

    Stay away from HCA if you know what is good for you, once they make the sale, you are on your own.
    Grains of weight!
    I don't know what happened with this guy but there is some truth to this article. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum arrow weight for each bow! The reason is if you shoot a lower weight you start encroaching on the 'dry fire' realm where your cables and string can leave the cams. With most upper end bows this won't be a problem because of technology with sting and cam stops. The arrows are more brittle so banging them together like I did in my picture is not good. For that matter.....not with any arrows. I had a Easton Epic blow up on my string 4 or 5 years back. After that I not only went up in spline strength but also in arrow quality. I buy a new set of twelve arrows every year just to make sure they are in top shape.
    First time using these but all I can say is wow! I'll will keep everyone posted if there is any kind of problem as I practice with them. Best advice....change your arrows every year! And if you ever have a hard impact of any sort.....canel that arrow!