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  • Summertime Bass on Lake Hartwell

    Summertime on Lake Hartwell and the bass are getting harder and harder to catch. With the water temperature in the mid-80s, you can still catch them, but you will have to work for them.

    Of course, you have to start at sunup for the the morning topwater bite, and clear, chrome, or white Sammys and Spooks are excellent topwater lures to throw. Start by working shallow shoals to see if the bass are chasing bait fish and constantly scan for feeding fish nearby.

    If the bass are not working on the shoals, start working the main 'windy' points off the big water. Position the boat so that you will be fishing the 'sweet spot' of 20-30 feet of water. Because there are usually brush piles on every point on Lake Hartwell, fan cast over the brush piles to bring fish up.

    Usually around mid-morning, the bite will start to drop off with the heat and boat traffic. Move back into the creeks and coves. Now work the secondary points; you may want to change to small or medium size jerkbaits or swimbaits. Vary the retrieve of these lures until you find out what the fish want, but always have your topwater lures ready for any kind of schooling action.

    Lastly, work the drops off the points that you have been fishing with a drop shot, shaky head or Carolina rig. Usually any variation of green is best this time of year as far as worm color. Also if there are any lone blow downs close by, cast to them. There should be a bass hanging around unless another angler has already beaten you to the spot.

    Yes, the bass fishing is still going strong on Lake Hartwell, and the quality fish are harder and harder to come by, but you can still catch them, if you are willing to work for them.

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn 'Teach' Corley
    Ever use a downrigger for the fish that go deep?
    Yo Jeff, we use downriggers to go deep for trout on Jocassee, but for bass on Hartwell we work the lures deep or try to get the bass to come up.