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  • Tournament Results

    South Carolina Foothills Bass Anglers

    1st place- Dewayne Thomas and LJ Claunan- 5 fish, 10.95 lb
    2nd place- Gary Michaud and Doc McDaniels- 5 fish, 8.30 lb
    3rd place- Pete Sherbert and Billy Taber- 5 fish, 7.80 lb
    4th place- Dennis Blackwell and Ray Wall- 5 fish, 7.46 lb
    5th place- Stanley James and Derek James- 5 fish, 7.25lb

    Big Fish- Dewayne Thomas and LJ Claunan- 4.71 lb

    Most of the anglers top baits of choice were a Zarro Spook and Zoom SuperFluke at the mouth of some of the big creeks around standing timber in 20-30 ft of water. The spotted bass seemed to be at the lower end of the lake around deep, rocky points on a shakey-head worm and a Carolina rig.
    Some anglers reported seeing schooling fish and some of the bigger fish were caught that way.

    Todd Huntley
    Inman, S.C.
    S.C. Sportsman Field Reporter
    Big Fish
    Shakey lure huh - cool.

    Get a photo of that Big Fish??