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  • calabash NC

    A full day trip and a few fish to show for it. Had a good time and thats what counts. The sea bass are everywhere. had to fish up off the bottem just to stop catching them. Cant wait till they come back in season. we threw out a few drift lines and brought in a couple kings, that was nice. I Thought we were chartered to troll / bottem fish. this wasnt the case. it was bottem only from a 54 ft boat called the 'game on'. The capt was a nice enough guy.
    Getting a king from a bottom fishing trip is a cool deal in my book. After I drop down for a few bottom fish I do like to free line for a 'swimmer' and often that ends up being a king.

    That king in the cooler looks bigger than the one you are holding.
    Is it the same fish??
    not the same fish
    good eye there jeff. it is about 6 inches shorter than the one in the cooler. and the head on pick is a big Amber jack. the 3 big fish for the day