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  • Another Successful Turkey Season

    Well, it was another successful turkey season for me. Last year i was able to tag out in NC (2) and VA (3). This year I was able to tag out in NC and come up one short in VA.

    My first turkey of the year came just minutes in on opening day. I was with my two hunting buddies, Rick and Rich, and we were all set up in my Double Bull blind. Rick was up first with the bow, and I was the backup man with the scatter gun. Rick had roosted the bird the night before on a new piece of property. He flew into the field and slowly made his way to the decoys. With the bird in full strut at about 15 yards Rick drew back his Hoyt bow and let it fly, but he shot a little left and knocked a few feathers out. The bird ran a little way and stopped and I was able to fill my first tag and start the season out right. The longbeard had a 10 1/4' beard and 1 1/4' spurs.

    My 2nd NC turkey came during the last week of the season. My 4 year old was playing on the deck when she came in the house and told me, 'Daddy, there's a turkey making turkey noises behind the house!'. I immediately got up (just moved here and haven't heard one all year) and went out back and hooted at him, and sure enough he sounded off. Got in on him early the next morning and he was roosted aobut 75 yards from my setup. He flew down and came right to me and my hen decoy. I was back at the house by 6:30 that morning. Come to find out that this turkey was indeed a ver rare erythcitc color phased gobbler. The rarest color phase of the eastern species. I had no Idea what I had killed at the time and went ahead a breasted it out. After I found out what i killed I was mad that I didn't get him mounted. He had 3 beards, 11' 2.5' 1.5' and 1' spurs. Those were my 2 NC birds.
    That's a new word for me !! Lol

    Anything that nature makes into a unique individual is a a true trophy for a sportsman to have harvested.

    Any chance you are getting it mounted?
    Jeff D, He stated that it was to late to have him mounted, hes gonna do a Fan/wing mount like seawolf has posted of his....Congrats Knights4 on a Great season and a RARE gobbler indeed...Only the 3rd 1 of this color phase I have seen come from NC and 3 beards? WOW!!!...TRUE TROPHY....Have you ever seen any of the 'All Black' color phase easterns? I think that there is 1 posted in the Photo contest Pictures on this site...Beautiful Gobblers
    Great Post!
    Great post. Congrats on a beautiful Tom and thanks for the post and story. I really don't feel worthy this being my first season. I never got it before.....the turkey hunting thing....but I sure as heck do now. Tom buster for life! Thanks to GT and Creek and all you veterans out there....gosh I love this site!