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  • Bass Bites on Lake Hartwell

    With three bass tournaments out of Portman Shoals Marina on Lake Hartwell this past weekend, there were over two hundred anglers competing for fish. The general consensus was the herring spawn is on and so is the topwater bite. Also, if the wind dies and you can't find them on top, fish a worm on the bottom.

    The topwater bite is definitely on and especially in the morning. Leslie Childers, one of the Lady Bass Anglers, said, “Depends on which way the wind is blowing.” Childers caught her fish on a chrome Super Spook back in the pockets and on the flat shoals in two to five feet of water. Other anglers reported large schooling fish hitting on other topwater lures including a large Sammy in clear or black/blue.

    If the wind stopped blowing or the topwater schooling fish just left, the tournament anglers were carousing the points and throwing worms. Carolina, Texas, and shaky head rigs were prevalent, but Sinkos fished in two to fifteen feet of water produced the best catches. The main colors were watermelon red and green pumpkin.

    Several tournament anglers were sight fishing for bedding fish. The bass are still spawning, but not like they were last month. The sight fishing anglers said that they could only find bedding fish in one out of every ten pockets that they hit, but there were still some good bedding fish to be caught.

    The tournament anglers pulled in many sacks of good fish, but the good news is that they let them all go.

    If you are interested in tournament action, the Oconee A.I.D. Association is having their 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament at South Cove Park in Seneca on May 14. All proceeds will go to support the Oconee A.I. D. Association. For more information, call (864) 638-6963.

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley
    Were there lady anglers involved in any of the tourneys?

    Do the bass just get tomahawked during three tournaments, i.e. killed, or are they pretty much all returned to the lake?
    Yo Jeff,there were several lady anglers involved at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Charity Team Bass Tournament on Sat. that was sponsored by the Lady Bass Anglers.

    All the bass for the Lady Bass Anglers and the Salvation Army tournament were handled and released
    unharmed by the Clemson Bass Fishing Team. The Bassmaster Weekend Series Tournament had a special boat with an aerator on board to handle and release the fish unharmed. This is typical of all the tournaments that I cover.