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  • Good Luck

    I want to take this time to wish everyone good luck on the last weekend of the season. Just a recap of the ins and outs of my wife and I season which as normal has had its ups and downs.

    Youth day was a great day with my son (12 yrs old) even though it ended with a miss. We heard several birds and called in one (called in the hen he tagged along) for us to try, luckly my son does not care about hits or misses just the time we spend together. He is more interested in sports and girls. He went just to make me happy, and I love him for that.

    Opening day the wife and I heard several birds but got henned up in the am so we gave them a break till after lunch. Around 2:45 we struck up a lonely love sick tom. Called him in from around 400 to 500 yards. We were lucky to get him because he did everything different from what I tought he would do. Wife shot him at 9-10 yards (to close in my opinion). 10' beard 1' spurs.

    The following Sat we hunted a new farm, heard several birds, set up on wrong side of tree. I watched him strut for it seemed like forever without being able to get a shot. A jake slipped in without me knowing (wife knew, he was almost in her lap) and busted me while I tried to make my move. Got the ok from the landowner to try him again later.

    Good Friday was not so good to me as we hunted our farm and did not hear a single gobble on the roost, which is very rare on that piece of land. Around 8:30 we struck one up, had him closing the distance sounding off at every call, only to have a hen head him off and lead him away when he was within 60 yards.

    The Saturday following good Friday we headed back to the new farm to give that bird another try. We set up in the direction he fooled us on last time and low and behold he flies down on the other side. We are in the blind this time ready for him in any direction. Two hens fly down with him. Never got closer than 60 yards, the hens lead him off once again. Landowner laughs as we tell him about the smart turkeys he has and invites us back if we want to try him again.

    The next Saturday we find ourselves back at our farm and to our delight the birds are gobbling that morning, to our dismay the hens are all over and we can't buy a break. We listen as the toms gobble and the hens answer, we never saw a bird until we are leaving, we see a gobbler in the neighboring field headed for the far property line, he saw us. I break mentally and give up and go fishing to clear my head and regroup.

    My son and I go fishing after church the following Sunday and as we are leaving we see a tom by himself close to 6pm and I have a little time Monday morning to try him before work. I try my best to talk my son into going even if he has to be late for school but he declines and opts for the extra sleep. I set up early and with a lot help from the man upstairs I make all the right decisions and I have him at 5 yards at 6:05am, by 6:10am he is at 12 yards and dead. 10 1/2' beard 1 1/8' spurs

    Talked with the other landowner today and he tells me the woods are full of gobblers where the one keeps giving us the slip and invites us to try them tomorrow, I gladly accept. When I asked if the bird is still in the same spot he replies they are gobbling all over the farm every morning.

    The wife and I will give it a try in the morning and if it doesn't work out we will be after em again Saturday. I am praying to double up tomorrow because the tuna and dolphin are biting great and the offshore forecast looks good for the weekend but not going to sit out the last day unless my tags are punched.

    I thank the Lord every day on how blessed my family is to be able to experince the things we do and marvel in His creations. I hope every one has a safe close to the season as the count down till next season starts. Thanks for all the replies from GT and Jeff and all the others. God bless you all and please remember if you hunt with your kids you will not be hunting for them.
    Last 2 Days
    Your Welcome fnf and God Bless you and yours as well...Buddy I'm praying for you guys to have a great finale. I'm tickled your sticking with it. I might do a recap of my season when I get time, even though almost 2 weeks of hit was chasing what I believe was the same Gobbler....Played the hand I was dealt and finally folded and started looking for another Gobbler to hunt and Thank God I was able to knock another 1 out. Heading Home to West Virginia over the weekend to try 1 up there. I'm Glad your passion for Turkey Hunting is up there with mine...If you look on Ebay 'Right Now' you will see several people have thier arsenals for sale already and most say 'Used 1 Time' LOL....I LOVE Turkey Hunting more than any other type of Hunting myself, i guess because when you can 'Reverse' Nature and Win...It's a Great Feeling!!!! Better feeling than i get sitting over a pile of corn waiting on a deer to get ambushed but thats just me talking. I have been lucky to introduce several 'Newbies' to turkey hunting and the First thing i always tell them is....'You Gotta Love this Game, You Can't just like it or you will loose' Some are still Turkey Hunting but more have 'Punked Out'...They have thier excuses but the Truth is...Turkey Hunters are a Rare Breed and I Thank God my Grand-pa took the time to teach me the ways of the outdoors...I can still hear him saying 'Son,The outdoors are a wonderful place to be and the more time you spend here, The less Trouble you will find'...He was right in my opinion. Thier are kids that are sucking down Energy drinks glued to a Video Game or holding thier pants up with 1 hand and carrying a skateboard with the other that will never leave the smog filled city air and see the world through the eyes of a Sportsman and thats just sad to me...I involve my daughter in everything I do and I'll share a few pics to show you that even if she decides not to be a pursue the outdoors lifestyle, she knows that it makes me happy when she gets excited about her Dads success....Have a Great rest of the Season and.....Limp-Feathers!!!
    GT, Sorry to say but the wife and I had to eat one tag apiece this year, been a long time since we had to do that. I am not complaining and never will about being able to hunt with my family no matter how the hunting is.

    We had some family issues going on Friday so the hunt was short and had to deal with some poachers. Got that settled and unfortunately it messed up the birds we were after.

    Saturday we worked a good bird from a flooded cutover ended up having to sit in water, wife didn't mind because there was a gobbling bird in the woods, later saw him from a distance gobbling and following a hen in the wrong direction. We stayed after him until 7:30.

    My wife keeps me in the game when it comes to turkey hunting she is the most passionate turkey hunter I know, she will go after them ever minute she can. Congrats on the WV bird.

    I have hung up my vest and cleaned my gun now. It is time to head to the coast and chase down some pelagics in the blue water.

    GT my daughter's name is Dakota also just different in spelling, that is cool. Good luck with the cats on the lake. and will now switch over to the offshore forum as I chase down the fishing reports.

    Thanks again for the encouragement and the kind words, you are a true sportsman in all sense of the word
    Man, That's Cool our Daughters have the same name LOL Dacota is 9...It was Gonna be Savannah or Cheyenne for a Girl and Dakota for a Boy but it was left up to me so I chose to replace the K with a C...She seems to like it even though everyone spells it your daughters way LOL. Sorry about your bad luck at seasons end, It was Great sharing the Forum with ya and hopefully someday we can share a tree in the Turkey woods together. Got my New David Halloran Slate today so i'm ready for next year LOL I might go back home and try again when I get this Honey-do list knocked down a little lol...My Girlfriend knows my passion for Turkey hunting so she pretty much keeps the yard mowed, Tells me what bills i need to pay ETC during Turkey season....Be looking for our Catfish videos and Pictures on the site...Thats my favorite type of Fishing but i'll fish for anything...I have spent days standing in a West Virginia Creek catching Creek Chubs....Ain't no count for nothing but setting box traps for coons but sure is fun LOL....Stay in touch