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  • Tagging Out?

    Good luck to all this week end....the end of turkey season. I have learned a lot from sitting in with GT a couple of times. Creek thankfully afforded us a place to do it.

    I shot my first on opening day and hopefully can close the season with a Tom and tag out.

    My cousin Jade has yet to get her first....I've called a few in for her but she's holding out for the eqivalent of a 10! She'll be my blind mate Saturday....wish her luck!
    Last WEEKEND
    Good Luck Brother, I'm gonna try and make it but I have also considered going up Home to West Virginia and trying it this weekend...Damn Gas prices are stupid but i did hear on the Radio on the way to work about the 'Billions In Profit' the Goverment has made just this 1st quarter so maybe the gas will come down LOL...Yeah Right...As long as people keep buying it (And what choice do we have)..It will keep going up. If you hear from the others, Holler at me...Like i told ya on the phone...I'm kinda in the dark right now about the plans but 1 thing for sure....I'm gonna be in the woods 'Somewhere' either helping my brother, You, Jade, or back home in West V climbing a hillside LOL....I'll be in touch.
    Last Chance
    Wife and I have taken vacation day for Friday to try and punch the last tag for both of us. We each have one a piece and looking for one more. Last year we doubled up on the last two days to tag out. I am thanking my lucky stars we are not under that pressure again. Have noticed a lot more hens going to nest so it should be a little easier if there is such a thing in turkey hunting. With the woods a lot greener, I can get a lot closer and not as much calling. It has been another great season regardless if we tag out. Have seen turkeys every trip, enjoyed the outdoors and friends and family. Good luck to all and please be safe. God Bless!