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  • Turkey in the South

    Turkeys in the south- how great is that? The population this year is awesome. So many turkeys in the upstate make for some great hunting. A few hunters in the Upstate make it happen with two big birds. Jamie and Rob say to never give up. Their big Toms came later in the day, when most hunters would call it quits. Know your hunting areas and turkey movements to really help you get the job done.

    Todd Huntley
    Inman, S.C.
    S.C. Sportsman Field Reporter
    Yep, the upstate boys have made their case that plenty of BIG turkeys are available to them to whoop up on.

    Were they hunting on a WMA?
    we killed these turkeys on opening day on private land. both came after 2pm in the afternoon, after a really slow morning.
    Rob Rogers?
    Rob Rogers? The one and the same old eagle eye fly fisherman I once knew? Looks like it to me. Long, long time friend. Those kids sure look like a fine pair. We're still here in Simpsonville. Would love to hear from you again. Attempted to look you up several times over the years to no avail. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Take care friend,
    Theron Hattaway

    If not the Rob I know then please disregard the post.
    Great name! I am a spur hunter as well. I like spurs most of all.

    Welcome to the forum. Todd will be back on here eventually and will hopefully get back to you.
    thats me
    yeah thats me. still the same ol eagle eye, just a step or two slower now days. will look you guys up soon. those are some nice usual.
    I'm sure glad to run into you again. It's been a long time. Looks like life is treating you very well. Please do give me a ring sometime, would love to hear from you and about those kids.
    Take care,