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  • Yellowfin Tuna Report - Venice, LA

    We were able to fish Friday and Saturday (April 1st & 2nd)

    Friday we had Frank with Brand Scaffold and his crew on the Looney Tuna! Tuna is what we were looking for! Made our first stop, made a little bait, not enough but enough to get started! Got lines out, hooked up very fast. Took a while to get a second then Very slow, no more bait!! Decided to make a long run south just to find green water and no fish! Now what to do?? The next 2 hours finding bait, make the long run back to where we started, now its late in the day! We had enough bait this time to make it happen, lost a few fish but ended the day with 10 yellowfin in the box! Great job guys!!!

    Saturday - Now where do I go! Green water south, not a ton of bait around! Told the crew, we are going for a boat ride! Looking for bait for hours, finally had enough in the baitwell by 11Am, the customers are looking at me like I have lost my mind, half of the day to catch bait - Oh yeah!!! Made it to where I wanted to fish, put baits out and reel screaming in seconds!! Fished hard and put 11 yellowfin tuna on ice! Prob pulled hooks on another 5 or 6! Fun day, the 2nd part anyway! ha ha!

    I am excited that the phone is ringing right now! Plenty of people want to fish and I am happy to see it! After no fishing last summer I am enjoying my days on the water and all that the gulf has to offer!

    We want you to see for yourself, Louisiana has a lot to offer! Some of the best fishing in the world! We have the new Freeman 33 custom catamaran in Venice for your fishing experience and trust me, you will love the boat! Tuna, amberjack, snapper, wahoo, grouper and soon, dolphin! A few Marlin around as well! Take your pick!

    Capt Gray and I have open dates, Feel free to give us a call, email or visit our site! We have a new Video up on the home page, plenty of pics and info!

    Lets go fishing!

    Capt Josh Howard