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  • Fishing Tournament

    The Southern Sportsman Spring Classic 2011 Lake Bowen, S.C.

    What a day to be fishing in pouring down rain and cold winds. This is the biggest tournament of the year for the Lake Bowen boys. We wait all year for this tournament. The weights were down from last year but with a cold front and rain, there were still some nice catches out there. First place had about 19 lbs, second place 16, third place had 15, fourth place also had 15 lbs and 5th place had 14 pounds. The biggest fish was 6.90 and it was caught on a floating worm. A lot of fish were caught on a spinnerbait and a jig. There were also some nice fish caught on crankbaits. With 65 teams on the lake, the points and coves had people crawling on top of each other. It was hard to find a spot after the first hour of fishing that somebody hadn't already been fishing. How did your local tournament fishing go?

    Todd Huntley
    Inman, S.C.
    S.C. Sportsman Field Reporter
    It sure was a rainy day to be fishing on Saturday. I was inside at the Palmetto Sportsman Classic and there were plenty of folks who said they canceled fishing trips due to the weather.

    I guess the pros had to fish anyway. that looks like a Rapala in that fishes mouth - good photo!