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New To Sportsman Network?

    So i remember someone saying that we should make nametags with our user name on them. My question is Who is gonna make that happen? Is there anyone on here that is going to be at the NC Sportsman booth??? I know they were handing out old issues of the magizine last year. maybe they can hand out nametags too. just thought it would be cool to make this happen. JEFF DENNIS i know you have some pull. Help me out here.
    when yall going
    Im heading to the DDC on friday what day are yall going
    Great Idea
    Who... ME?? LOL.

    That is a fantastic idea! Only thing is the short notice.
    I won't have time to make up name tags with the sportsman logo on it, but boy I wish I did. Keep brainstorming, and in the meantime stop on by the booth and visit. Come see the 20-inch shed antler that I picked up recently!