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  • Surf Fishing Folly Beach

    I will staying at Folly Beach next week (March 5-11) and was wanting to try my luck surf fishing, since I'll be staying at an oceanfront house.

    But, I don't have that much experience surf fishing, I'm mainly a freshwater guy. Would I have much luck catching any redfish? I'm really just looking to have a line in the water while I'm on vacation, but I'm not sure what set-up to use, what's biting, bait to use, etc.

    I'm also from NC and have a sportsman license here. Can I just buy a week-long fishing license? I'll take a look at the SC wildlife website to see what I can find.

    Any info/guidance is greatly appreciated, thanks.
    Folly Fishing
    Folly has a great fishing pier, and you buy your license when you pay to fish on the pier. Check out the pier store for the latest fishing reports about what's biting if you like. Should be something shakin' now that it has gotten warmer.

    The best surf fishing option would be to go to the northern end of the island, where you can see the lighthouse, and try and fish near the rock groins down there. An S.C. license would be required for that, and you can but bait at the convenience store on Folly or the pier.
    Folly Beach Surf Fishing
    Please check out for New laws that may apply to your catch.....Our Black Sea Bass fishery is closed in SC. Also, non-stainless steel circle hoooks are required for bottom fishing.

    Absolutely, the pier is a great spot. Also have a new pier in Mount Pleasant - around 30 minutes from Folly depending on traffic.

    If the beach is more your style...Walking beach at low tide looking for depressions and channels cut by tides are great locations to focus fishing time. As well as the rock growings along the beach. Please keep in mind that the fish are feeding in / close to the surf, not necessarily as far as you can toss your bait past the breakers. Shrimp, Fiddler Crabs, Sand Fleas, Mullet and Blue Crabs are all the standards.

    Have a great time and hope to see your next post with pics of your catch.