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  • Great Day Grousing

    Had a great last day hunting Grouse up here in the mountains. Flushed 7, shot at 3, killed 2. The dog had a good day with 3 solid close holding points, and a winding point about 15 yards from a double flush. Lots of walking. Her Astro GPS collar logged 14 miles.Our GPS logged 7, with over 1600 ft elevation gain. Beautiful day to be on the mountaintops.
    Beautiful Contry!
    Nice job. What beautiful country up there. I haven't shot grouse since my days in Cullowhee!
    Grouse hunting
    What county are you hunting in?
    Hunting in Ashe County

    We hunted Haywood last weekend and had 4 flushes. Lots of wild flushes and only one good point. Lots of hunting pressure up there on that end of the mountains
    never shot a grouse
    I have never hunted or shot a grouse, so thanks for sharing your story and photos. I was supposed to hunt them in Virginia just above Boone late last winter but the extreme cold and icing kept me from making that journey, and I guess I forgot to re-book this trip here in 2011. My English Setter would love to give them a try!
    Grouse Hunting
    Have you been out this season? I've moved recently from Wisconsin and have not had much luck on the game lands I've tried in Henderson Co. and Transylvania Co.

    I havent been out this year. Been bear hunting since the opener. If you come from WI this is nothing like the North Woods, I've bear hunted near Crandon and Park Falls so I know what kind of Grouse you are used to. You wont find that here.
    Around here you might want to go a little farther north toward Haywood county on I-40. Near the Tn line there is a lot of Grouse woods that we usually hit every year. There are lots of middle and old age cutovers, plus the dark laurel thickets where ferns grow have always been productive. Check the Wildlife website and find some specific access points and try them out one weekend. Good luck and let us know on here if you are successful.
    Good hunting!