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  • Broadhead Barrel Test

    Found this video on You Tube. This is a good example of the penetration of Fixed verse Mechanical broadheads. The mechanical Grim Reaper did the best in the catagory of mechanical but as you can see the fixed all made the double wall.
    What happened with that Rage?

    I'll stay with my G5 Montec....just in case a rusty barrel comes by!
    Very Informative
    Hey Man, I was checking my trail-cam when you text me and my phone was here in the house, Anyway, WOW some great info in this Video, The Piston Point is what I shot this year but now its called the Meat Seeker and before that it was called the Undertaker....3 Names/Same Broad head. I have also shot that Slick Trick...Those are mean heads also. Wish they would have shot a 100 Muzzy MX3. That was a cool looking sight he was using also.
    I have to commend the guy that shot this video.....and the dollars he spent on broadheads and arrows. I think the muzzy's would be right in there with the G5 striker. I shot the G5 striker with replaceable blades and I have to say in a 125 grain....they shot like target tips. The only draw back was the tip would get blunt so why replace the blades! GT...You and Creek saw what the G5 Montec in a 125 grain will do....thick shoulder pass through and 12 points on the wall!
    Everyone watching....don't be hard sold on Rage....the proof is in the barrel. Gear up for this coming year! There are a lot of options here!
    Hey GT....send me a muzzy and I'll barrel test it with one of my G5 Montecs.
    LOL I'll give ya 1 at the show.