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  • Hunters Specialties I-Kam Video Glasses

    Hey Guys, Have yall seen these? Seems pretty neat just dont have any zoom and the camera is right between your eyes so you need to keep that in mind...You can get them with your perscription made into the lens at the Web-site but i think i'll just wear mine without the lenses over my glasses....EBAY has the Black ones for $90 with Free Shipping....I'll copy and post some more info...Would be great Hunting Turkeys/ducks ETC.

    Hunter's Specialties® has acquired the exclusive rights to i-KAM XTREME™ (Patent Pending) video eyewear. i-KAM XTREME incorporates an advanced mobile video recorder into a lightweight pair of glasses. Whether it's your children's latest ball game, a downhill ski run, a fishing trip, or your last hunt, now outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds have a hands-free way to record what they see and play it back for future enjoyment.

    i-KAM XTREME offers completely wireless operation, with no cords or battery packs required. It has a digital camera incorporated into the frame with 4GB of built-in memory for up to 3 hours of recording. The glasses will also accept a Micro SD card for an additional 8 GB of memory. The integral microphone captures all the sounds to go along with the video.

    The glasses can be hooked directly to a PC with the supplied USB cable to view the video, or when using the Micro SD card, it can be inserted into a card reader to watch footage.

    Each pair of i-KAM XTREME glasses comes with FOUR interchangeable lenses in smoke, brown, yellow and clear to use in all lighting conditions. Frames are available in both glossy and flat black, RealTree camouflage and white. A hard bodied carrying case, cleaning cloth, AC adapter and instruction manual are also included.

    Available separately is a car charger that allows you to plug your glasses into a standard car outlet and charge them on the road. Charger has a 2.5-foot cord.

    Check'em out guys....Pretty Neat
    Hunting toys
    Speaking for us guys who started hunting years ago, like 30, could you imagine if we would of had some of these toys like the glasses back in the day? I think these glasses are the heat. I just wonder if anyone out there has ever used them and how well they work?
    LOL Man huntinbucks i tell ya....I'm 40 but i can remember times where i wish i had these lol...I do have a pair of these and they work Great, Very Good Video and decent sound. Like i said they sell for $169.00 at Cabelas but you can get the camo 1s on Ebay for around $130.00 but i just got Black for $90. Of Course you can get the China Spin-offs for about $25 but i would think they are junk. These are made in China also, but whats not these days? I mainly got mine for Riding ATVs and Catfishing...I tell ya what...You can go to and put in 'I-Kam' and watch some footage....I think you will be impressed...I was and i'm not easy to impress...I just know that they will improve them now that i have some lol. Just remember that the camera is dead between your eyes, so whatever you want to film, you have to look directly at...Watch the Youtube video of the NC boy shooting his Mathews bow from a treestand and you will see what i'm talking about...He has to turn the glasses at a angle to get the impact....Check out the Videos and let me know what you think.
    i got them and took them back
    i got a pair on for 99.99 the very first hunt i used them when grabed the sides to slide them on my head the broke right in the middle ,it was very cold the last day of duck season but i got mad and took them back and just got my money,for up close 20yards you might be able to see how many points a deer might have but any further out you could just say he had horns not trying to nock them but i had a bad deal with them realy wished they didnt break i would proble still have them,it was a realy good duck hunt that morning i would have loved to watched it on video,i think they would work best on bird hunts ,lots of videos on youtube check them out for your self
    The video appears to be pretty good. The main con I see is I could probably spend too much time worried about where the glasses were pointed and might actually miss the picture I wanted the most or even worse the game I was hunting. I really do not want distractions while hunting. As for the video while walking of playing with family or such, I think they would be ok. For the price I think they are worth it for some. I guess they are pretty fragile also.