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  • Venice Action

    Capt Gray and I were able to fish Friday and Sturday! We each had customers fishing 2 days so it allowed us to cover a lot of water and try a few different areas and species! Aaron and I had the Trahan crew fishing the Looney Tuna. The guys wanted tuna or wahoo so we decided to run for tuna first thing! First two live baits back - DOUBLED UP! We landed both fish, they were both about 30 pound yellowfin, we thought that was too easy! Set up again and the first bait got nailed, another 30-35 pound yellow in the boat! Try again - not so easy this time! We spent the next few hours trying to hook up again with only one more hook up that the shark would eat at the boat! Around lunch the crew voted to get out of these growing seas and try our luck elsewhere! We made a stop to look for grouper but the current was kicking so we turned to the jigs to grab a nice limit of amberjack and headed for the barn to get out of the slop!

    Saturday we left the dock at 4:30 to beat the crowd and it worked out a little for us! We had 6 yellowfin in the box this time before they shut down! The guys wanted a shot at wahoo so we made the decision to run 65 miles and it almost worked, only problem was, we couldnt find any wahoo! ha ha!! Guess it didnt almost work too good! We pulled baits all over the place and figured, wahoo not eating today! And I could have stuck to that story if only I hadnt pulled up to the dock to find Capt Will cleaning a trophy wahoo catch! Great job Will! Before heading to the dock, we were able to stick a real nice limit of amberjack in the box! Big one went over 50 pounds!

    After we got the fish cleaned, more ice and fuel in the boat and a new crew on board, we headed off to fish that night with the Kerr crew from Alabama! After fishing all day then turn around and fish all night, I learned that I am not as tough as I used to be! Thanks to Aaron and a rested Bobby, they were able to keep the crew going while I got a couple of hours of sleep! I probably could have slept a little longer but Aaron woke me up to say that this crew, in only about 6 hours had filled the fish box on the Freeman TO THE TOP with tuna! These guys wanted to jig for blackfin at night and that they did! We ended up with 50 blackfin (10-15 pounds) and a couple of yellowfin(about 30 pounds) we were back at the dock at 7:30 am !

    We were scheduled to fish Monday and Tuesday but Monday had to be rescheduled due to a family emergency and Tuesday got blown out! I set my Tuesday crew up with Capt Eddie on Monday where they caught 6 wahoo and a pile of nice blackfin!

    I had a cancelation on Feb 28th and March 1st! Also I have Friday Feb 18th open, this is the only weekend date in Feb open on my boat! Capt Gray has Feb 13th and 27th open on the Gray Goose! You can see our online calendar by going to our website and clicking on the calendar tab!

    I am scheduled to fish Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday this week! I dont think Friday will be fishable but we will let you know how we do!

    The winter tuna bite should turn on any day! There has already been a couple of big fish caught, shouldnt be long!

    Capt Josh Howard