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  • Hogs in Chester SC

    Joined a club this year in Chester SC. We got hogs bad! I got an 83 lb sow and the wife got a 133 lb boar (she still aint let me live that down) Took a friend the other day and he got a nice boar. I shot a boar with my bow at 55yds, think I just made him mad, didn't get good penetration. Any suggestions or tips on baiting and hunting them would be greatly appreciated.
    William Hilton
    get some stuff called 'Hog Wild'. It is made with crushed berries and malassis and the pigs cant get enough of it. Just pour it on the ground or over corn and they with eat anything it touches even the dirt!
    what he said
    William echoes what i hear a lot of - that the pigs can't really resist a sugary sweet temptation, which makes no sense to me.
    Also, with baiting of 'other' animals not a concern in February, its simply time to put out a LOAD of corn. They will find it.

    Nice shot by the way, on the moving target pig.