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  • Coastal Fishing report

    Since I haven’t been able to get out since returning from Florida in early January I am posting an offshore report from my cousin Jim Bowen from Whiteville, NC.

    Jim and his friends John, Renee, and baby Avery Currin from Henderson were down at the beach last week. They had planned to get up early Friday morning and head to the Gulf Stream to get on some Wahoo, but by Wednesday evening the warmer water started pushing farther off shore so they decided to settle for some bottom fishing nearer shore. They decided to target some Black Sea Bass instead.

    They refer to sea bass as the “chicken of the sea”. Friday morning Jim pointed the nose of the Stick Slinger dead EAST and went out of Little River 32 miles to a wreck he’d run across a while back in about 90’ of water.

    They started out with bottom rigs, 6-8 oz weights and cut squid for bait. John was pulling them up 3 at a time. One fish broke off one of Jims hooks, and while he was tying another rig, John caught the fish with the hook in its mouth.

    After an hour with one limit of good quality fish already in the boat, they switched to some heavy jigs hoping to cut back on any trash fish while increasing size and quality. They were also hoping to run across a grouper or two. They had a lot of fun, and even though they never put a grouper in the boat, a few HUGE fish came unbuttoned a few feet off the bottom that likely were grouper.

    Jim starts Captains school in a couple of weeks.
    Hopefully next time I see him he’ll be Capt Jim!

    Next report – I hope to get on Norman this weekend for some spotted bass fishing.

    Tip of the week – For most crank baiting I use as light a line as I think I can get away with, often 8 or 10 pound test. The thinner diameter line allows the bait to dive deeper quicker, getting it where the fish are. When shallow cranking around cover I will use a heavier line test.