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  • 2011 NC State Coonhound Championship

    The 2011 NC State Coonhound Championship as recognized by UKC will be held April 22 & 23 in Carthage, NC at the Moore County Fairgrounds. Daytime events include a dog show, kids dog show, NC Coonhound Assn meeting, and vendors will be on hand to do your shopping with.
    Each nite the best coonhounds in the state will group into randomly drawn casts of 4 dogs to determine which dogs are the best of the best in NC!
    Pics above are the 2010 Hunt Champion a Black and Tan male Gr Nt Ch Chenoweth's Rebel and the 2010 Show Champion an English Coonhound female Gr Ch Kentucky Mtn Cinderella Girl
    Beautiful Hounds
    Them are 2 Beautiful CoonHounds...That Picture of Rebel with the light really shows off his Muscle tone...Haven't been on a Good Coon Hunt in about 14 years...Hard to find a place to go anymore.
    Yes, those are nice hounds
    I am proud of the way most coonhunters take care of their hounds.
    I love a good coonhunt and try to go a few nights per week all year long. I can relate to the statement that it's hard to find a place to go. I lay low in Deer season, out of respect, and hit it hard afterwards. I myself have 2 Redbone coonhounds, both females.
    Thats what we use to hunt was RedBones,BlueTicks and Walkers and the females seemed to be better hunters back when i use to go...The males were hard headed lol
    2011 Grand American
    We just had a big Coon Trial in Orangeburg, S.C. called the Grand American. Click the link if you want to see a photo of the winning hound!
    Grand American
    The Grand American is one of the largest coonhunting events in the US. A hunter from Middlesex, NC won First Place Nite Champion and Fourth Place overall, a NC dog from the western portion of the state won First place overall...I was proud to see NC so well represented.

    I went to the GA for Saturday to walk around and buy a few supplies. My kids love it.