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  • Christmas Goose

    I'll be having goose breast for Christmas this year. A couple of hours at a friend's pond gave me the opportunity to try some cold-water bassing (which didn't work out as I'd hoped) and a shot at a goose (which did work out as I'd hoped).

    The geese have become a bit of a nuisance at this pond and my friend has tried numerous non-lethal ways to get rid of them, but none have worked. So he asked me if I'd mind hunting the pond a little this year and I took him up on it today.

    The geese came in late and offered me a perfect shot. Hard to believe I only downed 1 of the 7 big birds, but I'll be back again.

    Brian Cope
    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    cast and blast
    Who cares if you didn't catch a fish - just look at that honker! Man I want to bust a goose so bad for Christmas like you just did. Did they come in honking, or was it the silent treatment?
    Lucky for me they showed up honking. I was in the woods picking up a deer skull I'd spied from the water. Their honking from afar gave me time to get back on the water to greet them.