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  • Goose Hunting The Eastern Shore of Maryland with Big Lake Calls

    Thanksgiving was spent with a trip up to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to visit family and to enjoy the much reknowned waterfowling heritage that this area is so well known for. This was a time to go beyond South Carolina and use the goose call that produces in a setting where many of the most well known goose hunters and call makers call home. To say the calls were a success is an understatement.

    We hunted a property that consisted of a pond about the size of six acres that had a blind and also a pit blind in an adjacent field. We woke up on Thanksgiving morning, not with the anticipation to eat turkey and the many fixings, but to the exciment of the potential for a truly phenomanal goose hunt. The pond was holding an estimated 1,000 geese! Half the hunters hunted the pond and the other half got in the pit blind in the field. Within twenty minutes after shooting time five guns had limited out at the pond. The other hunters moved from the field to the pond blind to get in the action. Groups of twenty or more geese would be working the decoys with more coming in the distance. It took no time for the second group of hunters to limit out as well for a days bag of twenty (2 per person).

    The second hunt was in the same location. The difference was that the geese were much more wary after being shot on Thanksgiving when ourselves and so many other waterfowlers were pursuing geese. This is where a quality call made a big difference. A simple greeting call got their attention to bring them in from a distance. But with them closer in and in large groups there were many wary eyes and ears which increased the difficulty level. Sequences of clucks and double clucks while using the call to be both quiet and loud, but also to be commanding with a comeback as the geese ranged out, were used to fool the birds. Both the pond and field blind shot birds this day (one hunter limiting out in one shot). This opportunity to truly work group after group of birds and to experience how responsive they were to the calls was hard to rival - in two days 48 geese were taken.

    One of the joys was sharing the experience with family. A great grandfather got to take his great grandson on his first goose hunt. Four generations of our family were hunting together while passing the waterfowling heritage to the newest generation. To see a five year old's anticipation when hundreds of geese are on the water prior to shooting time or holding up one of the geese was truly a special part of Thanksgiving.
    great report
    I bet those honkers ate real well too - because it sounded like everything went right on that trip! Big Lake Duck Calls is also working with conservation groups like Ducks Unlimited and the S.C. Waterfowl Association to offer duck calls at their upcoming banquets. We look forward to future waterfowl reports from Big Lake Duck Calls!