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  • My Sunday Nov.21 2010 Bow Kill

    Ran into a old neighbor at the local FoodCat (FoodLion) today and he had said he heard of my Bowkill but my phone was dead and the pictures were in my Tacoma and i was in my other little Toyota so i told him i would repost the pics cause didn't know when i would see him again and he dont have a cell phone anymore and didn't know his email (He was buying Bud Lite LOL)...He needs to check out the site anyways ...if he can remember to look on his 12 pack where i wrote the web site lol. I deleted the original post so i wouldn't clutter up the site and make room for other people with the Real Deer LOL....Anyway 'BambiBlaster' here he is, Like i said hes no monster but the way the hunt unfolded...I was happy to take him with a Bow.
    Coming late to this party, but I gotta say that is a gorgeous buck.

    I wish we were neighbors and really close friends. ;)

    lol Thanks Hawkman, This was the first year we could BowHunt on Sunday and it was actually my Daughters Birthday but she was out with her mom and told me to go hunt and Glad I did, I got tangled up in my HSS lanyard and shot at a weird angle which resulted in me hitting a limb and I hit the buck in front of his Hams but found him the Next Day so Glad I didn't push him!!!
    He was a great buck GT so don't feel like you have to justify killing him...Isn't he the one that was over 200 lbs?