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  • Sumter Man Kills 262-lb White Buck

    Sumter's Jimmy 'Cricket' Kennedy takes a yearly deer hunting trip to Pennsylvania each year. This past October, he killed a rare one. Not only was the buck huge at 262-lbs, but it was also a white deer.

    Because of the color and size, Kennedy says 'It stood out...and I could tell it wasn't albino because it didn't have pink eyes. It was just a rare white deer.'

    Kennedy shot the prize buck with the 6mm rifle he has used for over 50 years. Vince Smith, of Custom Taxidermy in Sumter got to work on this deer right away, and put it back to life in a mount that stands out strongly in Kennedy's trophy room.

    It is believed the white deer was shipped in to Pennsylvania from a rare strain of white deer that is found in Wyoming.

    Brian Cope
    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    first thought
    My first thought was to say NO WAY - but after your explanation of the Wyoming strain, I suppose this deer could have come from them. I once killed a duck that was white (or blonde) and it did not have pink eyes or albino characteristics - so I think it was rather a melanin trait.