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  • Shooting times

    I have a buddy of mine who got ticket today from the game warden for shooting a deer after sunset. The ticket says shooting after sunset. The time on the ticket is 5:07pm todays date. After talking to my friend he said when he was given his ticket he was told that he should learn how to tell time b/c legal shooting was over at 4:56pm. This took place in Pender county. He was told he couldn't take his deer but had to use a doe tag and when he asked how much the fine would be he was told the judge would tell him at his court date.
    I know the law here in Davidson Co. (Central NC) is not before half hour before sunrise and half hour after sunset. Well i'll say this...If the warden is around where i hunt at that time...He wouldn't know which direction to head in and he would have writers cramp each evening.They are some fields around a few of my spots in the brush and i know they have more light BUT i have heard rifle shots while i was putting my stuff in the truck and i need a light going out.
    That's BS
    That's major BS becuase here's how the law is written and the desinated sunset for today in Pender County. This is directly form the Game law buck for North Carolina.

    ● Game birds and animals, other than raccoon and opossum, and
    other animals for which a season has been set, may be taken only
    between 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset
    with rifle, pistol, shotgun, bow and arrow, dogs or by means of fal -
    conry. Call (800) 675-0263 for shooting hours for migratory birds.
    Also the official desinated sunset from the North Carolina fish and game for today for Pender county was 4:58 pm, meaning legal shooting time was officially 5:28 pm today. If this game warden was around my house he could write atleast 30 tickets aday.
    30 min
    30 minutse before and after sunrise and sunset is for the whole state....I have heard plenty of shots long after 30 min. past sunset. I told my buddy to get a copy of the sunrise and sunset for today in the paper are from the weather channel and take it to court with him.
    Hell yeah
    Hell yeah sharkbait that's what I would do.
    Where in Pender County?
    Where in Pender county did this happen? I hunt Pender as well and hear numerous shots daily after the 30 min window
    Rookie Warden
    Dude that is so crap. Sounds like it was a rookie warden. I had a game warden in Sampson county a couple of years ago tell me he gives a 7 minute grace period (so 37 minutes after sunset) because that was the difference in time from the coast to the mountains! But then he handed me my shotgun back he had just checked.....get this....fully loaded with the saftey off!!!!!!
    MY POINT!!!!!
    Heres my point....This very morning i'm at work eating my pop-tart like i do each morning and i hear a rifle shot that rattled the building, I look toward the window and its not even good pink light yet? Whoever it is uses the Rail-Road tracks as a shooting lane. I think your friend will get out of this ticket and i will add that 5:07????Here lately the deer around my stands don't show up till 5:15 till dark so i dont see me leaving my stand any earlier...Like VIPER said...a Ego hungry Newbie??????
    That would tick me off! I'm with Gtom, if you didn't have the 30 minutes after sunset period I would have missed out on a lot of deer.
    New Thought
    If I were your buddy I would not wait until the court date I would call NCWRC in! I would file a complaint!
    Taken care of
    I am fortunate with my line of work that I know a few Wildlife guys. With that being said the issue has been taken care of.