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  • Linville Gorge Game Lands Buck

    I was hunting over Thanksgiving near home in Northern Burke. The family shot a few good bucks over the week (including my niece's first buck). On Saturday the winds were blowing in the 40's on the mountain so my dad and I decided to hike down under the rim of the mountain to find a good deep hole to watch some oak trees. Right at daylight 2 does and a button buck fed in from my right and went out of sight to my left. Minutes later, they came back into view. At 80 yards (a long shot in the laurels) I raised my .30/.30 to look at the deer when this buck came into my scope HORNS FIRST. Didn
    t have a shot at first due to his angle. He came in and bumped the hot doe off the mountain into the wilderness. He wheeled to follow her and I took the shot quartering away in my LAST little shooting lane. He took the shot and flew around the mountain. I sat there for half an hour knowing I had just shot at my biggest buck. My dad made my way to me and we went down to look for sign. No blood, no hair, nothing..... For another half hour we crawled around the mountain looking for sign and NOTHING. Needless to say I was down and out. I picked a set of tracks in the leaves and set out in the direction I saw him run. About 50 yds later, I looked up to see his hams sticking out behind a pine tree about 10 yds from being GONE into the wilderness. About the blood... I blew out both lungs and the liver on a quartering away shot for the 200+ lb deer, but he was so big my slug was under the skin on his off side. He was 18' wide, fully mature, and as big as a horse. He may not be the biggest buck around, but he surely is a trophy for my neck of the woods and a fine example of what game lands can produce.
    Very Nice
    I used to use a lever action 35 shooting 200 grain baseballs......very effective but no range so I feel you with the 30/30. I think in anyones book that is a great buck and congrats. When I saw Linville in your post the first thing I thought was....OMG....getting him out of there would be a job.

    Great story and thanks for the post!
    Man thats a GREAT Public land Buck, Even without brow tines hes impressive and glad you didn't give up on the hunt. I once seen a guy shoot a buck and like you said no sign of a hit...NOTHING...but he keep saying 'I know i didn't miss' and Guess what?...He didn't. The buck only went 3o yards and we walked by it twice?...Go with your gut...Good or Bad...Congrats again
    That is one nice buck. I have alot of friends that live that way. Really nice buck for a public land. Nice buck for any land. Congrats