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  • 10 point - Chatham County

    Shot this deer opening day of gun season chasing a doe scored 150 1/4 inches after deductions scored 155+ without 15 years old...Shot it with my .300 mag Browning Automatic Rifle..This deer was a welcome home present for me because i was in the hospital for a whole week and missed all of the black powder season due to a severe football injury
    Chatham Again.....
    Congrats on a fine buck. All I can say boys and gals is Chatham county again............
    Great Buck!!!
    How long
    So how long are those tines it looks super tall racked?
    10 point
    His G2s were 15 inches and his G3s were 14...inside spread was around 18 and a half if i remembered right...he wouldve scored a lot higher if he had a G4 on his right side..He scored 156 without deductions
    Buddy thats a Dandy, That Rack will 'come alive' once hes on the wall...Very Impressive!!!
    Game Lands by any chance?
    Hey there,

    Any chance this was taken on gamelands? I've seen a deer very very very similar to this one earlier on in bow season (same day I shot my 7 pointer actually). He walked in and stopped at the opening 45-50 yards away, sniffed ground and was gone in a matter of seconds. Needless to say I was bummed because I couldn't shoot ethically... but getting my first bow kill just 15 minutes later made up for it!

    What a GREAT deer though! Chatham has some quality deer - I got a 7 with bow and a big 8 with rifle.

    Goodluck and hope you have a swift recovery from that injury.
    no i shot this deer on my grandpa's land. He lives right in between siler city and bonlee and thank you i wasent suppose to be hunting that day (the doctor said i couldnt hunt until december the 1st. I was on the ground when i shot him because the doctor said no climbing a stand for 3 MONTHS!
    True hunter
    Hey bro, you're a true hunter. Love the enthusiasm - that's what it's all about.

    That gives me hope the other one's still out there unfortunately it's unlikely I'll see him again this year (pressure on game lands will most definitely turn him nocturnal). Should make for a good bow season next year I suppose.

    Heck of a kill though. Keep up the hard work on the road to recovery and glad to hear a story likes yours! It's one of the many reasons why we hunt. Best of luck!
    Early Christmas
    All I can say is...WOW...AWESOME deer. What an early Christmas present!