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    Well activity has been a little slow but getting ready to ambush several of our large deer. Saw a sundog today so BOYS--- Monday is going to be a good day to be in the woods this week. Watch out Nov 21,22nd. Moon times are great days. GETTING READY---
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    It's about time you got a decent profile picture!
    Thanks Viper- BTW seems like not to many people are asking about a sundog! major part of my deer hunting.
    Ok, I was going to ask what a sundog is but I figured everyone else knew so I didn't want to be embarrassed. So what is it?
    Creek you're being paged..........Mostly or should I say used to be mostly found in the arid states out west....because they are getting very common here!
    I would say he refering to yotes!
    Sun Dog
    OK it was about 8-9 years ago I was Flounder fishing at the coast with a very good friend. Lets just say he is one of those great OLD Timerís if you know what I mean. Well that afternoon I remember it was a clear day and the outlook on the weather for the week looked very good for Flounder fishing. Then out of no where my partner said ohh boy he had spotted a SUN DOG. I said a what??? Then he pointed it out and explained what we just seen was a sign of falling weather. I have to say then we saw a double SUN DOG. He basically just told me we better pack our boat just head home. Well after getting back to the house and looking at the weather once again there was still no change in the extended weather at this point. The next day we woke up and the weather channel completely change the forecast for heavy rains. Let me tell you we got about 5 inches that day. I was convinced at this point the old timer was right.

    As for me when I observed a Sun Dog I expect falling weather in a few days. If you see a double Sun Dog------ watch out!!! I do not care what the weather channel is calling for. Find a sundog and look at the weather, you will see some type of weather will come in like a front, Rain, sleet and snow. It has never failed for me.
    Yesterday I was heading in for afternoon hunt and spotted one. I immediately said SUNDOG. Falling weather means deer on there feet. This is a very interesting tool as we all watch the weather.
    Good luck finding them and remember CREEK told you so!! I have turned a bunch friends and family on Sun Dogs.
    I did attach a pic of a decent sun dog!!
    Sky Yote
    well if I haven't learn something. That is very intereseting and I hope I don't run in a ditch driving down the road the next few days because I'll be looking up to the!