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  • um good!

    I had family over for my wife's lasagna tonight. She used my Italian seasoned brown ground / venison. My college niece said, 'this is the best lasagna I've ever eaten'. I told her thank you. She said but, aunt Marci made it. I told her yeah but, I killed it. She said, How do you kill lasagna. Thought I was going to pee my pants. I told her it was deer meat and she said it sure is good.
    This is from a niece that said she would never eat deer meat!
    Glad to hear you converted someone. It's always fun to pull the ol surprise, you just ate deer, on people! Never known anyone not to like it after they taste it.
    Converted team
    A couple years back my daughter had her swim team over for breakfast after practice before school. She feed them sausage balls(deer sausage)of which the girls demolished. As the girls where getting ready for school she mentioned it was deer and one of the girls walked up to my mounted nine pointer and was very apologetic for eating him. My duaghter informed her that the meat from the nine pointer was long gone and that deer meat was havested that year. Her friend than asked if any more sausage was available as it was tasty. My daughter has since moved on to college but every year we get requests for more deer sausage from old and new swim team members.
    that's right
    omgilmfao lololol.....hahahehe

    Viper, you are sooooooo right, some would say they would NEVER eat venison...bbbuuttttttt given a blind taste test, they would say exactly that, 'that's the best lasagna, spaghetti, chili or whatever I have ever eaten.'
    reminds me of my sister, said she'd 'never' eat deer meat, my mother who was german fixed the same way as sour braughten and she loved it, wanted seconds, then threw up when she figured out she'd been had...that was ffuuunnnnyy...
    Also, I took some stew to a church social, Baptist too, and got rave reviews....if they only knew..hahahehe........
    it's all in the prep too. My wife last week asked if I wanted spaghetti for supper, I was like, wwweeeelllll if that's what you want....I knew I was outta of ground venison, she was like, this doesn't taste the same, I'm like yeah, no venison.....
    speakin of which, I just hadme some nuggets and they were gggoooooooooodddd. and gonna have some smothered fried venison steak n gravy for supper....mmmmmmmmm
    Opening Day
    How'd you do opening day? Did you go? I managed to squeak out a doe so the freezer is just warming up. I ran out of deer burger about 3 weeks ago so this one won't make it to the freezer but more like the frying pan and barbecue grille.
    Viper you have definitely got the processing figured out...I have enjoyed your jerky, snack sticks and burger. They were freaking awesome....My problem is once I start eating it I cannot stop and all that work is gone in a matter of minutes lol...